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Zinc: Everything you need to know about the miracle mineral

We all need zinc This vital mineral recently gained popularity due to its benefits for our immunity A small deficiency leads to health disasters, particularly for your hormones You must take it seriously

Zinc is vital because it’s found in every tissue Your body stores about 3g of it It might not seem like a lot But getting enough in your diet is key for long-term health

Zinc is essential for: Cell division (healing) Breaking down carbs Neutrophil activity (immune system) Antioxidant (fights cancer) Hormonal health (Testosterone, growth hormone, thyroid)

Zinc deserves more love in the medical sphere Current diagnostic tests fail to identify deficiencies unless they are severe The zinc taste test has been used for years by practitioners looking to gain better insight into their patient’s levels

A fantastic way to test your deficiency status is through a Zinc sulfate liquid test. Take a spoonful and mix it in your mouth. No taste = deficient Delayed metallic taste = slightly deficient Slight metallic taste = Decent Strong metallic taste = Optimal levels

Signs of Zinc deficiency include: Skin problems (acne) Mouth ulcers Lack of sense of smell & taste Chronic infections/always get sick Diarrhea Low appetite/energy Delayed growth in children Low Testosterone Depression/Schizophrenia Lack of focus Craving for salty foods

Here’s what causes zinc depletion: Vegetarians/Vegan diet (animal products contain zinc) Alcohol Poor gut health = poor absorption of minerals Medications that deplete zinc include: Diuretics Cortisone Antacids NSAIDs/Tylenol Birth Control Blood pressure meds (ACE inhibitors)

Oysters are the natural food that contains the highest levels of zinc and also high in copper too So unless you are eating them on a daily basis, supplementation is a far better and cheaper option There are many forms on the market but obviously, some are better than others

The benefits of optimal zinc levels are numerous: -Higher athletic performance & strength = boost IGF 1 (growth hormone) boost testo - keeps prostate healthy and boosts libido - helps the growth of eggs (fertility) - Strengthens immune system (neutrophils) - lowers inflammation

Zinc also helps your: - Brain clear heavy metals (neurotoxicity) - improve sleep (boosts serotonin) - Elevates mood ( required for dopamine production) Yes, zinc is the REAL deal

There are two forms you’ll find on the market Zinc salts = Cheaper, less bioavailable Zinc chelates = Higher investment, much more bioavailable How minerals are absorbed in your body depends on which form you consume

Commonly found zinc salts: Zinc gluconate Zinc acetate Zinc picolinate Zinc orotate Zinc citrate Zinc chelates include: Zinc Carnosine Zinc Glycinate Zinc monomethionine (ZMA)

ZMA is the most known form of zinc, particularly in the bodybuilding community It has some decent science backing it Participants saw an increase in strength after taking it

Zinc carnosine is a personal favorite It helps support your gut (your absorption machine) and allows it to repair I highly recommend this one if you are taking zinc for the first time It’s a bigger investment but you notice the result fairly quick with it

Zinc glycinate is another excellent form The absorption profile beats that of zinc salts and its less expensive than zinc carnosine

Now for dosing, its best to test first and determine how depleted you are with the zinc taste test 50 mg has been shown to be safe long term without fears of depleting copper Get enough copper in your food (oysters/beef liver/leafy greens/mushrooms) to counterbalance anyways

A good maintenance dose for zinc is 20-30mg It's a good idea to take it before winter and boost your immune system Zinc status also affects testosterone levels and may be a culprit in low sex drive

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