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#sakuatsu kiyoomi's heart skips a beat the first time he notices atsumu wiping down the seating area before he even steps foot through the door. the second time he smiles and whispers “thank you, miya” as he sits down next to atsumu, basking in the glory of making their setter +

blush. the third time he squeezes atsumu's shoulder before he sits down, making the blonde choke on air. this time tho, is a bit different... they're in tokyo for a match and are roommates for the two days that they're there. usually the first thing kiyoomi does as soon as he+

enters a hotel room is strip the beds and replace the sheets with his own, but this time he finds atsumu in front of his bed, spraying the mattress with disinfectant while simultaneously foot fighting the sheets he had stripped from the bed. he can't help but laugh, tripping +

over his own feet as he steps further into the room. to say that atsumu looks like he'd seen a ghost would be an understatement. “yer laughing” he says, dumbfounded, making kiyoomi laugh louder. “atsumu..” kiyoomi manages to say through his little giggles, walking towards him, +

but atsumu stretches his arm out btw them, eyes wide. “yer not omi” he says, staring daggers into kiyoomi's brain, who just takes another step forward, atsumu's palm now resting on his chest. atsumu gasps, pulls his arm back as if electrocuted. “WHAT DID YA DO TO MY OMI-OMI” +

“your omi-omi, huh?” he raises an eyebrow, now standing right in front of atsumu. he takes off his mask and puts it in his pocket before sitting down on the bed,patting the space beside him for atsumu to sit. “there are no sheets on the bed, ya know?”atsumu looks at him wearily.+

“you just disinfected it” kiyoomi points to the bottle in atsumu's hands. “ah, right.” he nods, refusing to look at the raven. “you didn't answer my question, atsumu” “what question?” “‘my omi-omi’?” atsumu looks up at that, regretting it immediately as his heart starts to race +

a thousand miles an hour at the way kiyoomi is smiling at him.he wants to say “yer beautiful” but what comes out is “ya called me atsumu” in a tone that almost sounds accusatory. and there it is again, that laugh.that beautiful, 𝘣𝘦𝘢𝘶𝘵𝘪𝘧𝘶𝘭 laugh.“i sure did” he's holding+

atsumu's hand now. HE'S HOLDING ATSUMU'S HAND NOW!! “you see... i've been noticing the little things you do for me” kiyoomi says, tracing little circles on the back of atsumu's hand. “cleaning public spaces, shielding me from crowds, keeping me away from traffic on the road,+

spraying room freshner in the lockers... i appreciate it a lot.” kiyoomi's looking at atsumu with so much fondness in his eyes, he can't help but transform into a tomato. “oh” he whispers, unsure of where this is going. “may i ask why?” kiyoomi tilts his head downwards in an +

attempt to make eye contact. atsumu clears his throat “i.. uh.. i just didn't want ya to be uncomfortable. i know how much these things matter to ya and how they affect ya.. just wanted to make it a bit easier fer ya” kiyoomi doesn't say anything for a while, but then “atsumu..”+

he lets go of atsumu's hand to cup his face “do you like me?” he asks, voice light. atsumu gulps, unable to figure out the right answer. does he like kiyoomi? ofc he does. everyone 𝘣𝘶𝘵 kiyoomi knows he does. but can he say yes? or is kiyoomi going to lose his sh;t over it?+

he doesn't look like he will lose his sh;t over it, right? he's holding his face and looking at him with those eyes.. does this mean he likes him too? “atsumu.” “yes” “can you please answer my question, now?” “i just did, omi. yes. yes, i like ya.” kiyoomi smiles at that, teeth +

and everything. “good.” he brushes his thumb across atsumu's cheek “me too. i'm going to kiss you now, okay?” he asks, but the moment atsumu opens his mouth to say something, kiyoomi's lips are on his. warm, a little chapped, but so so right. “you could've just told me you +

liked me, you know?” kiyoomi says later that night, head buried in atsumu's chest. “nah.. ya figuring it out by yerself was much better”he places a noisy kiss on his boyfriend's 𝘣𝘰𝘺𝘧𝘳𝘪𝘦𝘯𝘥'𝘴 forehead. //fin. silly little thread fic i'm sorry if this ruined ur day haha

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