Let us talk about "buying/'sniping' the bottom" whilst I'm bored waiting for my food; First of all, its falsely perceived pertinence on individuals path towards 'making it' in crypto; It's completely irrelevant & let me try to showcase why; *Insert the cringe 'thread' emoji*

'Area of value'. At its current state, is #Bitcoin there for long-term outlook? I think a monkey can tell that it is, that is undisputable. But is it a good buy? I absolutely think not. The main goal here if you're looking for longevity is to NOT lose money. Sounds simple, no?

Clearly is not, as it smells pretty broke in here. The chances of us going lower are high, but the chances of missing out on generational bottom are also not negligible. But the latter ones should, imo, be ignored. If you do buy here, you are at a risk of losing 50-80% of it.

No matter how cringe it sounds, it's absolutely 100% true that all you have to do now is survive. Missing out on a bottom in order to completely mitigate the risk of losing 50-80% more, compared to buying it once the dust settles, in a clear uptrend, sounds far more attractive.

Last cycle it didn't really matter if you bought at 3k, 6k, 9k, 11-12k S/R flip, or even 20k ATH break The majority of wealth made was and is only going to be increasingly more focused by trading shitcoins during mania The majority of wealth isn't made by buying a BTC bottom

For me, BTC merely serves as a tool to 2-5x my portfolio until it runs out of steam and months, even an entire year [2021] of shitcoin mania begins. That's where 95% of wealth in crypto is made [but also lost due to greed]. That's where you make it. So it's safe to say you'd;

Rather be buying an uptrend, after the economic disaster, Fed tightening calms down a bit & we get a glimpse of hope into our beloved casino. Hypothetically speaking, if BTC runs to 120-150k next cycle, it doesnt matter if you bought 10k, 20k or 40k. What matters is to not;

Completely and utterly shrink the remainder of your portfolio by trying to snipe the bottom like a hero. You will never make it with buying BTC. However, you can buy in a healthy uptrend, get a decent, safe 3-5x before mania starts and use that increased capital to long the;

Living shit out of new ponzi trashcoins. You buying here now, and seeing your portfolio potentially shrinking by another 50-80% is moronic and -EV, not to mention mentally exhausting. Preserve your capital My food is here so I don't care to type more, but a simple tldr summary

- Buy WHEN not WHERE, when dust settles - Rather buy a healthy uptrend during favorable macro conditions than capitulation that will leave you nervous - BTC isn't a tool to make it. Shitcoins are, and that is ever increasing [diminishing returns] - BTC safe 3-5x before mania;

"But what if I can snipe my future of finance alts during BTC bottom for x1000" Shut up. 90% of current popular '21 born shitcoins will never reach their old ATH. Just look at the '17 'giants' 90% of alt returns are made after BTC goes ballistic & most of them will be new ones.

That being said I'll still try to snipe the bottom like a fucking moron because my elevated ego thinks it knows exactly where it is & announce it here so we can laugh when I'm underwater. Don't be a moron. Be patient. Don't 'BTFD'. Exercise patience. Now fuck off, I'm starving

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