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#sakuatsu #skts #haikyuu Tags: college au, implied nsfw Atsumu is in a relationship with a quiet boy. His boyfriend is so attractive yet constantly has his head stucked in a book, which is why many people find it hard to talk to him.

And people simply assume he is bashful since he is quiet. But people should see how he's a different person when they are alone. Right now, Atsumu was in Kiyoomi's dorm. Lying on his bed, scrolling through his phone, and waiting for Kiyoomi to finish his bath.

Finally, the door creaks. And when Atsumu lifts his head, he drops his phone, and nearly choked. Kiyoomi's hair is soaked, water sliding down his abs, and only a towel hanging just around his waistline. He stares at Atsumu with lustful eyes.

Atsumu somehow manages to maintain eye contact as Kiyoomi starts to slowly make his way over to the blonde. With a devilish grin, Kiyoomi grabs one of his ankles, pulling Atsumu towards him. He stares at Atsumu as the blonde lay beneath him.

Kiyoomi then leaned down and kisses him on his lips. "I love seeing you under me, love." He whispers. Atsumu can feel Kiyoomi's fingers trailing down the side of his waist. His fingers eventually reach Atsumu's inner thighs, gradually tracing gentle circles.

Atsumu can't help but let out a shuddering breath. Kiyoomi leans down again and kisses his ears, "Keep your face flustered like that, Atsumu. I love to see it more when you're with me, it drives me crazy. You drive me crazy."

"Omi," Atsumu is too embarrassed by how hard he was, so he shuts his eyes and turns his face to the side. But Kiyoomi holds his chin and forces Atsumu to look at him, "Eyes on me, my love. Watch how you turn your man into a mess."

Kiyoomi then dives down and bites the inner soft skin of Atsumu's things.

Sakusa Kiyoomi is a whole different person when they are alone, but Atsumu would rather die than let anyone witness Kiyoomi like this.

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