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I asked a group of 6 year olds to 'Pitch me a new film idea' Move over Hollywood A THREAD

Rory - "BURGER MONSTER" Genre: Fighting A burger realises that if he eats other burgers, he becomes bigger. Eventually he becomes so big he tries to destroy the world which created him. Rory will play the burger and that's non-negotiable. Fast paced, fattening and fun.

JJ - "WORLD WAR 100" Genre: Space war 4070. The earth as we know it has gone. Different planets are fighting over control of the galaxy. Earth, now a tiny rock called "small earth" is trying to recruit an army to defend the legacy of humanity. Blade runner meets Star Wars.

Jack - "SKATEBOARD WHEELS" Genre: Skateboard A down on their luck amateur skateboarder, get a new set of wheels. However, these aren't any wheels. They're magic. They help him become the greatest skating superstar ever. But is it worth it? Basically Like Mike with skateboards

Ravi - "MONEY CANNON" Genre: Money A crazed trillionaire builds a cannon and fires all his money into the air. What seems like a gesture of goodwill ultimately leads to chaos, greed and destruction. Holding a mirror to humanity and the state of society. Oscar buzz has begun.

Lola - "LOLA BUYS A CAR" Genre: Myself A young girl inherents £30 from an unknown source. With her new found riches, she buys a house and a new car. She crashes the car, but it's fine. It is also set in America. A coming of age, indie darling ready to sweep up Cannes awards.

Emma - "THE SEA" Genre: People The sea is dying. Plastic fills our oceans. Setting differences aside, the people of a small, divided town work together to clean the ocean of litter. It's a heartwarming tale, of human kindness. Emma would like to write the script if that's ok?

Belle - "FROZEN 3" Genre: Funny Elsa and Anna are back but this time...ON HOLIDAY? In this meta comedy, E&A are going to Disneyland. They meet all their favourite characters but along way meet, themselves. A film about taking the time to find yourself. Sometimes in reality.

Mikey - "SPIDERMAN" Genre: I am Spiderman Mikey gets bitten by a spider and wakes up with spider-powers. I'm not sure he understood the assignment. He's basically remaking Spiderman but casts himself as the hero. He said he wants to fight "The green one". He will also direct.

Zhara - "HIDE AND SEEK" Genre: Scary movie A family move in to an old house. It is empty. Except for the ghost. He begins to torment the family but whenever they search for him. He hides. A suspenseful thriller that will leave you hiding. Rated PG because Zhara wants to see it

Susanna - "A CAT. A DOG" Genre: Animal People Evolution has taught them to be enemies but these two creatures end up working at the same bank. Will evolution win or can these animals really become colleagues or maybe... friends. Susanna wants me to tell you they don't. Sorry.

END OF THREAD My quote of the week this week comes from William aged 5 "I will never be 4 again, but I'll be happy to be 6"

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