1/n Let us learn something about Santana Dharma. A thread on " What is Neivedya? ( नैवेद्य ) . Why do we offer Neivedya ?" The symbolism and spiritualism behind it .This thread is just to give a broad overview, so that it is simple to understand for many. +

2/n Commonly we find people making an offering to the Lord first and later eating it as " Prasad" .This act of offering food to deity first in Hinduism is known as Neivedyam. One maintains required sanctity & doesn't taste the Prasada whilst cooking it as it is for the Lord +

3/n Why do we offer Neivedya? In Hinduism we believe the Lord is Omnipotent and Omniscient. Man is just a part,while the Lord is the totality. Whatever we are, is only because of the Lord. " तेरा तुझको अर्पण " - meaning I humbly offer what is Yours to You. +

4/n Once we offer it to the Lord we believe it is blessed & share the Prasadam with all. We do not/ should not complain / criticise the Prasad we receive.We should not waste or reject it. It should be had with cheer and gratefulness. ( प्रसादा बुद्धि) . +

5/n Before we partake our daily meals we sprinkle water around our plate for शुद्धी. 5 morsels of food are placed acknowledging the debt owed by us to देवता ऋण(Divine forces) पितृ ऋण(Our Ancestors) ऋषि ऋण(Our Sages) मनुष्य ऋण(Our Fellow Humans) & भूत ऋण(Other living beings) +

6/n Thereafter the Lord , the Life Force within us as the Five life giving physiological functions is offered the food. We chant the following mantra whilst making the offering and after offering the food ,it is eaten as Prasada (blessed food) . +

7/n अमृतमस्यमृतोपस्तरणमस्यमृतं प्राणे जुहोम्यमाशिष्यान्तोऽसि । ॐ प्राणाय स्वाहा । ॐ अपानाय स्वाहा । ॐ व्यानाय स्वाहा । ॐ उदानाय स्वाहा । ॐ समानाय स्वाहा । ॐ ब्रह्मणे स्वाहा । This means the 3 worlds are pervaded by the Lord, the creator and +

8/n I offer this to Praana ( Respiratory system) I offer this to Apaana ( Excretory system) I offer this to Vyaana ( Circulatory system) I offer this to Udaana (Reversal system) I offer this to Samaana ( Digestive system) ,the 5 live giving physiological systems. +

9/n A couple of Tulsi leaves are placed on the food items before Neivedyam to absorb the negativity as the food for Lord is Satvik . Thus we try to ensure the food is prepared and served with utmost purity to the Lord +

10/n The symbolism aspect . Food stands for our ignorant consciousness which we place before the Lord for enlightenment. With HIS blessings the food becomes Prasada, and mortals gain enlightenment. When we share this Prasada, we share the knowledge gained with others . +

11/11 Let us all offer Neivedya at home during festivals or auspicious occasions & revive this ancient tradition which has so much spiritual significance! धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः । @LostTemple7 @desi_thug1 @_ugra_ @Raghuna60111601 @artist_rama @MandirGuy @Vivek_Investor

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