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I've spent over $2mn on Facebook Ads. These 10 learning will help you 3x ROAS:

1/ Experiment mindset wins on paid social Have a belief that you know nothing prior and will test everything about the brand. What kinds of experiments? You can get inspired by this tweet below. Some good ideas in the comments of the tweet belowπŸ‘‡

2/ User research where you should get ideas Before starting a project, I don't just collect reviews and public information. I talk to customers to know exactly how it happened. Ask these 4 important questions:

3/ Leave targeting to Facebook You are not smarter than the Fb algorithm. Run broad and let the algorithm figure it out. The least you can do is lookalike and interest stacking.

4/ Don't run retargeting if you don't have a great offer Retargeting to clear 7 touch points or reminders will devalue your brand image. Run great offers. You can run great offers without discounting -- content & answering BIG objections are good starting points.

6/ Try all formats This is a new mental model. With my ADHD app company, carousels worked better. With my recent accounts, simple ad text is working. For example, this simple testimonial is getting conversions at higher than all my UGCs or "creative" ads.

7/ Message testing first, then creative testing First, just try good copy ads to find out what resonates, and then create different ads on the headlines that win. Listen to this pod to dive into exact details:

8/ Your ad can only do so much One of my clients was getting 1.45% CTR on their ads. The ad was doing the heavy lifting, but the landing page didn't let us convert. I changed the final URL to direct calendar booking. Turns out calendar booking ads were 50% cheaper.

9/ Your ads create expectations, fulfill them My client was struggling to get the ads working. Then, I did user interviews and found a persona that resonated well. But turns out the CAC was 90% cheaper but the company wasn't prepared for the persona and value props to offer.

10/ Don't do this alone. Always have a community to support. You are constantly picking up people's brains anyway individually. I felt it too. So, I created a mastermind for the same reasons. Always level up with the folks with you. Join here:

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