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Men are meant to be badasses. -A masculinity thread-

Let's face it. The world has turned soft. Or more accuratelyโ€” men have become weaker. We used to be tougher. More resilient. Men of the past were always ready to go to war if they had to. Today... not so much.

We got a beta male epidemic. They're all around us. You can tell by the way they walk, how they talk, and how weak their frail little soy-filled bodies look like. And I think it's time we make a change. Let me show you 10 ways we can achieve that๐Ÿ‘‡

1. Accept your violent nature. You were born to be a warrior. Being nice and gentle will not make you one. You can be kind, compassionate, and caring, but you must also be a dangerous motherfucker. You have to be capable of violence at a moment's notice.

I'm not saying to be violent with everything that happens around you. I'm saying keep it in check. Never resort to it until it's necessary. You have to be able to shift from a calm demeanor into a savage beast when the moment calls for it. It's your nature. Embrace it.

2. Tell the truth A real man tells it like it is. He doesn't do a rodeo around the truth. When he smells bullshit, he has to call it out. When he hears something wrong being said or done, he has to make it known to everyone present what he thinks.

If he doesn't agree with something, he speaks his mind. There is nothing that can bend him. A real badass will never let himself get influenced by obvious deceivers. He trusts his gut more than he trusts anyone else. And he will skull-fuck anyone with the truth. No pity.

3. Learn to fight. Standing up or lying on the ground. Doesn't matter from where, you have to make sure you know what to do in each scenario. Take some boxing classes, take some Brazilian jiu-jitsu, learn some Taekwondo, or maybe some Mui-Tai. Be able to break bones.

Learn how to kick, punch, elbow, knee, throw, disarm, etc. Anything that will make you a fighting machine on the streets. Training in martial arts will keep you sharp and make you a hard man to beat.

4. Learn how to use guns. It's the ultimate equalizer in a life-or-death scenario. A real badass knows how and when to use deadly force, but he's not the type of man to have a loose trigger finger. He understands when it's necessary, and when it's not.

He not only knows how to use guns for his own safety, but he also carries de burden (willingly) of defending those in distress. True badasses don't care about being a hero, but they will defend you to the death if they have to. This is the honorable man's duty.

5. Break the rules. A badass has a real problem with rules. When he knows of some stupid ass rule being imposed on him, he feels ridiculous following it, so he will make sure to break it. We've all been through it. We've all thought about it. But a badass takes action.

Now don't get me wrong... He doesn't mind following sensible rules. He understands life is governed by them. However, most rules don't apply to him. Mankind has made up so many useless rules that he feels it is his duty to give them the finger. And he does, with glee.

6. Train physically. What's a badass without a muscular physique? or at the very least an athletic one? Your body is to be trained to get tough, agile, immune, and durable. Go swimming in a lake. Sprint your ass up a hill. Lift a log over your shoulder.

Take it out into harsh environments and test its limits. Make it close to being the body of the ancient Greeks or Romans. They were as close to perfection as one could get.

7. Eat meat, and then more meat. The best protein out there for building muscle and strength is animal-based. Stick with the basics: Chicken. Eggs. Pork. Beef. Fish. Screw that plant-based, soy-based, insect-based, or pea-based garbage. Badasses eat the real stuff.

We are meant to eat animals. God put them here for our nourishment. Each time we eat them, we are only upholding our natural basic rights as human beings. Being a vegan is not natural and will never make you a badass.

8. Never tolerate disrespect. You are a man, and you cannot let anyone get away with disrespecting you. As soon as there is a blatant attempt, you have to stop them right there. Let them know you won't be walked on, talked down to, and will never give them a pass.

In the olden times, disrespect would either get you beaten or get you sliced in half. In the modern world, lucky for some, beating the shit out of someone, for this reason, will get you arrested. So instead, we make it known, firmly and directly with our words.

9. Learn to hunt. Just like our ancestors did to survive. Learning to hunt is an essential part of being a badass. You never know when the shit will hit the fan and you'll be forced to go hunting for food. Even if that never happens, you must always be ready.

Learn how to hunt: Big game: deer, elk, caribou, bear, etc. Small game: rabbits, squirrels, etc. Predators: mountain lions, wolves, etc. Waterfowl: duck, geese, etc. Furbearers: pin marten, bobcats, foxes, etc. Practice makes perfect.

10. Learn Survivalism. A real badass is a survivalist. Everything is unpredictable out in the wild. When you know what to do in every type of scenario, your chances of survival are extremely high. Being a badass, or having one by your side is what will dictate the outcome.

He knows how to find food. He knows how to build a fire. He knows how to read a map. He knows how to make a shelter. He knows how to find edible plants. He knows how to find a water source.

Whether it's in the jungle, stranded in the wilderness, stuck in the middle of a disaster area, or anything else you can imagine... A badass is a man you can 100% rely on to keep you alive.

A badass has high standards. A badass cultivates discipline. A badass is a high-value man. Learning what Iron Clad Discipline teaches will take you closer to badassery. *No bullshit self-help advice* *These are real strategies that WORK* Grab it here:

And that's all, my fellow badasses. There are plenty of things I could add but I believe this thread is long enough. Remember men, you are supposed to be a badass. So strive to be one as close as possible. It's time we make our mark in the world once again.

I hope you've enjoyed reading this. If you did, make sure to follow me @egoofsigma Like and retweet the original tweet so that it reaches other potential badasses as well. Have a good one ๐Ÿฅ‚

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