atsumu has mastered the art of seduction. how to flutter his eyelashes just right, subtly bite his lip, and what buttons to push, his style would never fail. or so he thought. because in the rarest of occasions, the honey trap gets trapped by the most wanted man in japan.

sakusa kiyoomi has no remorse. he pulls the trigger without much thought, even if his victims look him in the eye, as if trying to remind him that they’re human, just like him. he doesn’t have anyone he deems important, so threatening to kill his own flesh and blood won’t work.

and so inspector miya atsumu takes on the impossible. he was more like a hero in the dark. the police department would never admit that their greatest weapon is a man like him, using his charm to extract information and to lure criminals into an entrapment operation.

kiyoomi might feel no empathy and may be worse than they imagined, maybe even officially a psychopath, but even he can feel desire, it’s inherent in every human. and so atsumu enters the bar, dressed in a polo shirt with 3 buttons undone and the tightest pair of jeans he owns.

one major obstacle he has is that kiyoomi is heavily guarded. with the money and connections he has, he’s untouchable. it’s almost a miracle that he didn’t have the police by the balls, although a lot of politicians are on his payroll.

atsumu sits by the bartender, looking down at his drink and then kiyoomi’s booth. he was with other wanted personalities, conversing about god knows what over some scotch whiskey. kiyoomi isn’t paying attention, eyes scanning the area in boredom. then they make eye contact.

perfect, atsumu thinks before he licks his lips and looks away. as planned, kiyoomi approaches him, his bodyguards standing at a distance, eyes trained on them. “i haven’t see you around here,” kiyoomi remarks, sitting down at the bar stool beside him.

this causes atsumu to look up from his glass, chuckling. “really now?” atsumu internally celebrates when kiyoomi scoots closer. “same goes to ya.” they take in the sight of each other, drinking each other’s appearance. atsumu doesn’t flinch when kiyoomi touches his thigh.

“let’s get out of here?” atsumu offers. the plan was going smoothly; too smoothly, if you’d ask him. kiyoomi nods and atsumu links their arms together, leaning into his shoulder. all he needs to do is lead him to the hotel, where the team would be hiding.

it was a shame, really, that kiyoomi was attractive. dark eyes, a sharp jaw, an aquiline nose and his lips that were on atsumu’s, swallowing his moans as kiyoomi drives into him mercilessly. atsumu pulls away to throw his head back, exposing his neck, gasping

as kiyoomi wraps his hand around his throat and presses against it, not hard enough to choke him to death, but enough for him to find pleasure in it. kiyoomi grunts as atsumu clenches around him, free hand holding his waist with a bruising grip.

atsumu pulls kiyoomi close to kiss him again before pausing, what’s taking the team so long? kiyoomi looks at him in wonder before giving him a particular hard thrust and atsumu’s eyes roll back, forgetting that thought immediately.

he comes before kiyoomi, painting his own stomach white while kiyoomi rolls his hips, fucking atsumu through his overstimulation. atsumu whimpers when kiyoomi fills him up with his cum. maybe it was a bad idea to do it raw, too tired to clean himself up after.

but at least kiyoomi had solid dick game. “was i good?” atsumu asks, panting. “i expected nothing less from you, inspector miya.” several gun shots were then fired from outside and atsumu scrambles to get the gun hidden by the team under the bed but kiyoomi was quicker.

to atsumu’s surprise, kiyoomi hands the gun to him and points at his head, looking at atsumu in anticipation. atsumu begins to shake. the team was dead. kiyoomi laughs. “i know you won’t do it,” kiyoomi plays with atsumu’s finger which ghosts on the trigger

he’s not a killer, they both know that, kiyoomi clearly using it to his advantage. “aw, don’t cry,” kiyoomi coos, putting the gun away and stroking his cheek. “from now on, you’re my play thing. you’ll get to live as long as i want you to. understand?”

inspired by anon on cc! also, tweeted some of the tweets again because smth went wrong with the thread.

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