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cw: osaatsu, underage, age gap, unintentional voyeurism It was supposed to be Middle School Atsumu surprising his brother coming home from his work in Onigiri Miya. Him hiding in his closet and jumping out to scare for fun. It was /supposed/ to be playful and harmless.

But there Atsumu is, peeking through the small crack of the closet only to see Osamu jerking himself off on his bed and Atsumu neither could move an inch nor stop himself from watching his brother doing this.

His curiosity and unexplained building up tightness under his shorts just won't let him peel his gaze off of Osamu, who's vigorously fisting his thick cock, gasping so lightly—then biting his lower lip whilst his eyes are hooded.

He hears Osamu groaning something incoherent, so Atsumu tries to catch what he says when he repeats; "Atsumu..." it sends violent shivers down to his spine. Atsumu's eyes are wide like saucer plates and he unconsciously palms his own growing cock.

His name is spoken once more, even more huskier. Atsumu sees Osamu pumping his cock faster and it just makes his own cock ache under his shorts. Atsumu is still innocent, clueless what his older brother's doing. Whether this is good or bad, Atsumu doesn't have any idea.

But one thing is certain; this is affecting him /and/ frightening him at some point. And yet, his hand moves. Pressing the palm of his hand on his tiny cock and pursing his lips thin to contain his mewls. He doesn't know what he is doing but he tries to move his hand +

along with Osamu's. A few moments later Osamu lets out a rough groan and white strings start to spurt out of the tip of his cock. It's too late for Atsumu to realize when he felt something coming out of his own cock, hand cupping his mouth to stifle his moans immediately.

His legs shake and stop once the surge of orgasm subsides. Atsumu lightly catches his breath and slowly—finally—realizing what he had done. The fact that this is new to him scares the shit out of Atsumu.

His eyes sting and tears begin to build up on the corners of his eyes. He flinches when the closet doors swing open, and there stand Osamu staring down at him with bewildered expression and half-flaccid cock exposed right in front of him.

Atsumu swears his blood abandoned his circulatory system when their eyes meet. "S-samu-nii..." Tears run down his puffy cheeks. "I'm scared. I'm sorry." Atsumu sees Osamu's gaze lowering down on his stained shorts. And he spots his older brother's cock twitching.

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