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If you sit for more than 4 hours each day, you're ruining your back Use the 5 exercises below to relieve back-pain and unf*ck your posture:

Almost everyone in the modern world spends too much time sitting, leading to: - Poor posture - Shorter lifespan - Neck, back & hip pain - Increased risk of cancer - Major risk of heart disease and more... Below are 5 exercises you should do 4x each week to revive your back:

#1 - Dead Hangs Dead Hangs changed my life. They decompress your spine, unlock your hips, and loosen up your shoulders. I do these every morning when I workout and my mobility has increased significantly.

#2 - Deadlifts One of the number one reasons people have back pain, is because their back muscles are week. Do some kind of deadlift variation twice a week to start strengthening your back muscles

#3 - Child's Pose Another stretch I do to make sure I'm ready to workout. This helps loosen your lower back and relieves tension in your neck & shoulders

#4 - Sphinx Pose This stretch will help strengthen the muscles surrounding your spine, preventing you from becoming a "hunchback" You'll notice how good you feel when doing these movements too. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!

#5 - Glute Bridges Your glutes are the largest muscle in your body Weak glutes mean weak hips and often lead to lower back pain. You can add dumbbells or a barbell to your waist once these become too easier to increase strength further.

A few other pieces of advice would be: - Become conscious of your posture and correct it - Go on a 30-minute walk each day - Develop a lifting routine (a stronger back will decrease posture issues) - Spend more time without shoes on

Do yourself a favor and try these movements ASAP I *instantly* felt a difference in my back, shoulders, and hips when I did my first set of dead hangs If you found this thread valuable, please retweet the first tweet for others to see and bookmark it so you don't lose it - TG

PS: I'm looking for 3 busy professionals who need to drop fat and build muscle I'll coach you for 90 days and guarantee you lose 20-40 pounds I don't care if you travel, work 70hrs, etc... Message me "GO" if ready to make a change 4-figure investment. Results 100% guaranteed

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