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7 Hacks that'll help you learn any skill and make $20k+/Month online. (Even with a 9-5)

1. Fix your schedule Busy doesn't mean productive. It's focus that bring results. Even with a 9-5 you can learn any skill. - Sneak at least 50 minutes - Research and document - Use a timer 2 or 3 sessions are enough.

2. Pick a group of like-minds This helps you with accountability It's also the fastest way to; - Grow - Max your productivity - Know what works and how fast Do this; • Join groups • Share ideas on twitter • Ask for help when necessary

3. Find a mentor Pick one person who is already killing it in your niche • Study what they do • Reach out with a genuine reason • Invest in them, sacrifice time and learn You don't want to waste their time and waste your money in the process.

4. Connect to the process and disconnect from results It's our nature to want it all too fast And that's why we quit. • Learn • Focus on input • Be aggressively patient with results Take the stairs before thinking about the elevator.

5. Focus on systems The systems you use determine how much money you make... And how fast. Have systems for; • Generating ideas • Organising ideas • Sharing ideas It'll amaze you how efficient, productive and creative you get.

6. Invest Invest in yourself first then your business. (This doesn't work any other way) - Read books - Buy valuable courses - Pay for automation services Even if you don't have enough. Invest what you can. Especially if it'll free you time.

7. Learn The fastest way to grow is; • Learning from everyone • Applying • Taking note of what works You must find a way out (even if it's through)

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