cinnamon @ requests open!!

cinnamon @ requests open!!



atsumu is kiyoomi's first boyfriend, which means kiyoomi has no experience with normal things people do in relationships and so kiyoomi is horrified to learn that even the slightest romantic gesture--the absolute BARE minimum of affection--will turn him into a pile of mush

atsumu facetimes him before bed to wish him a good night? kiyoomi ends the call and resists through urge to scream into his pillow chaste kisses on his forehead, hands, or cheek leave him dizzy and red. he'll get even more breathless than when he and atsumu would make out

kiyoomi sometimes finds himself staring a little too long at the string of hearts and kiss emojis next to his contact on atsumu's phone and catching a glimpse of atsumu's lockscreen--a candidate photo of kiyoomi laughing--makes his heart skip a beat.

kiyoomi tries to hold in any reaction he has whenever atsumu would do anything especially heart-racing bc he's embarrassed by how much these small, simple things affect him. to atsumu, acts of endearment are probably second nature. but to kiyoomi, everything is overwhelming.

he finally tells atsumu about it one night, curled up next to him in bed. moments like these when they share a quiet, tender intimacy make him open up more than he ever thought he could. but he doesn't expect atsumu's reaction to be a bewildered "HUH??!"

"you actually like it when i get all lovey-dovey on you?" atsumu sits up, looking at kiyoomi like he's grown a new head. kiyoomi stares back at him with a similar shell-shocked expression. "what--did you not know that? did you think i hated it or something?"

"well, not that you hated it," atsumu said, face red. "i thought you didn't care! you always seemed so unaffected." "definitely not the case." kiyoomi looked away, feeling shy. "you could smile at me and i'd probably explode. and don't get me started on the casual touches."

atsumu laughs. "oh, omi. i'm really glad you told me that, because i've been losing my mind trying to act like a cool boyfriend. i almost piss my pants everytime i kiss you, or even text you good morning. it's terrifying." kiyoomi's brows shoot to his forehead. "you're lying."

"i'm not! the first time i held your hand, i had to hype myself up for like a hour before. all this touchy-feely shit is probably giving me heart problms." kiyoomi thinks about all the moments they've shared, his chest warm. all this time, atsumu had been just as nervous as him.

"honestly, i was planning on stopping for a little because i didn't know if you were comfortable--" a surge of fondess overcomes him, and kiyoomi leans in and gently presses his lips to atsumu's. when he pulls back, atsumu is looking at him like kiyoomi is the moon and stars.

"don't stop. with the touchy-feely shit." atsumu's fingers rise up to trace over his lips. "don't think i could if i wanted to, omi-kun. and the same goes for you--don't hold back on me anymore." kiyoomi's stomach explodes with butterflies.

before, he would have put on a blank face and tried his best not to melt into atsumu's arms. but now, he lets himself lean back in for another kiss, heart pounding. this time, he lingers against atsumu's lips, and brings a hand up to cradle his jaw. "i wouldn't dream of it."

screaming, sobbing, hurtling myself against a wall i want them to be SOFT

anyway my midterms start this week which means i'll be very active on this acct again!! 😃😃

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