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Most new managers suck at managing. You're suddenly responsible for leading a team and you have no idea how to do it. I've served as a manager and executive at several companies. Here's a step by step cheatsheet to help you become a better leader today:

1. Create the vision: • Define what success looks like. • Translate it into specific goals.

2. Communicate your vision to the org: • Talk to all the relevant stakeholders. • Persuade and help them understand how these goals will lead to success.

3. Create the strategy. • Vision: our destination. • Strategy: how we get there. • Create a list of tasks and milestones that will ensure the team achieves its vision.

4. Hire the right people to execute the strategy: • Identify what hard skills and cultural traits your team needs to execute the strategy. • Interview and hire people who meet that criteria.

5. Train and coach new hires: • First teach them how to do a task by doing it yourself. • Then ask them to do it and identify gaps for improvement. • Keep doing this till they can execute at an acceptable level.

6. Secure the necessary resources for your team to do their jobs: • This includes everything from equipment and budgets to necessary tools.

7. Put a process in place to ensure high performance: • Set measurable goals. • Delegate work required to hit these goals. • Monitor performance through weekly one on ones with every direct report. • Identify what isn't going well and fix it.

8. Motivate your team and maintain morale: • Set ambitious but achievable goals. • Celebrate every win along the way. • Make sure everyone is compensated and recognized for their work.

9. Build the culture: • Culture: what we do and how we do it (values). • Shape the culture by setting an example - embody team values in how you work. • Celebrate others when they embody these values.

10. Anticipate what the future looks like: • Always plan 3-6-12 months out. • Problems avoided are better that problems solved. • Identify future opportunities and make sure your team is ready to capitalize.

11. Develop your interpersonal skills: Learn to: • Listen. • Communicate. • Motivate. • Give feedback. • Take feedback.

12. Be self aware. Work on yourself: • Good management starts with managing yourself. • Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. • Work consistently on maximizing your strengths and limiting your weaknesses.

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