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10 Neuroscience backed steps to Optimize Your Brain-Body Function & Improve Health. Every step can boost your performance 1000 % :

Every human has the ability to intuitively sense what's going on in their bodies. We call it the 'sense of self' or 'Interoception'. This hidden 6th sense helps you answer the question "How do I feel?". Improving interoception = optimal performance and health.

Sensations from the body tell you how you feel. Especially those that are most hunger. Being hyper aware of these sensations will tell you how to predict and prevent a lot of problems. You can train this by : βœ… Awareness βœ… Access βœ… Appraisal.

The Vagus nerve is a two way nerve that connects all our organs to the brain. It relays information to the brain through mechanical and chemical sensing. You can help the organs tell the brain what’s going on by regulating the mechanical and chemical environment of your body.

Slow, rhythmic, diaphragmatic breathing helps improve the Vagus nerve. You must do this by following the practice of 'PRANAYAMA'. This one skill alone will improve anxiety, reduce stress, digestion, improve heart health among others.

Breathing controls our heart rate by changing the way our brain thinks. When you inhale, your lungs expand, and the diaphragm moves down, and the heart gets bigger. Exhale and the heart gets smaller because it has less space. Diaphragmatic Breathing is great for brain health.

When carbon dioxide levels get to a certain level, neurons will make you inhale. Train to hold breath longer & achieve an alert but calm state. Breathe in deep (4 secs), pause (4 secs) and exhale (4 sec) – repeat 25-30 times, you will change the chemistry of your brain.

The digestive system communicates hunger to the brain. As you expand your gut and become full, a signal is sent by neurons to remove the desire to eat. Pay attention on the sensation of fullness and leverage this to fast / diet and lose weight. Mindful eating.

If you have sugar cravings, consuming high omega-3 or amino acid profiles can curb cravings. Take 1 tsp of glutamine or mix with full-fat cream if the craving is extreme. Eliminating excess sugar will power up your mental and physical performance.

Your gut needs to be more acidic than other organs of the body to function properly because bacteria thrive in alkaline conditions. β€œOne of the best things you can do to have a healthy well-functioning brain, and body is to maintain proper gut chemistry.” - @hubermanlab

High fiber foods reduce the diversity of gut bacteria but fermented foods have shown to increase gut microbiome, reduce inflammation, reduce auto-immune disruption and also improve brain health and cognitive performance. Eat more fermented foods. 4 servings a day is ideal.

Your heart is the seat of your emotions and core of your spiritual life. The human heart informs the mind in a variety of ways. We call this as 'intuition'. This happens due to the heart sensing electro magnetic distortions and signalling through the Vagus nerve. All connected.

'Clusterin' is a protein that reduces inflammation in the human brain. It does this by attaching itself to the cells that form the blood - brain barrier. It is produced during aerobic exercise. Physical exercise has no replacement when it comes to optimising brain - body health.

The human brain is the most complex machine to every exist in human civilization. Understanding how it works lays the foundation to your journey into self mastery. Optimising the brain and body leads to improvement in performance, well being and overall health. Use it well.

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