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Tony Robbins is worth ~$600MM He’s coached billionaires, presidents & Olympic gold medalists He teaches his clients (& attributes his success to) these 4 simple concepts:

1. Certainty “You can’t hit a target if you don’t know what it is” - Tony Robbins You could have all the money, help, and resources in the world It won’t matter if you don’t know what you want

Spend time, effort, and energy choosing your goals Is making a million $$$ really your goal? Or do you want the freedom that buys? Why do you want that freedom? What exactly would you do if you achieved it?

Clarity is the biggest productivity hack It’s easy to produce when you know what you need and why you’re doing it Give it the attention it deserves Not a quick 30-minute brainstorm Over an hour every week, reviewing, assessing, and revising as needed

2. Confidence "When everybody's unsure what to do, and there's somebody who fucking knows, everyone pays attention" - Tony Robbins I love this quote People don’t listen to the person who knows best They listen to the person who acts the surest

Confidence does more than persuade others It persuades you When you develop complete confidence in your ability, there’s no such thing as failure You find a way Because you know it’s going to happen

When you have complete confidence in your service, others believe in it too So they hire you, help you, invest in you, whatever Because they believe you will make it happen

3. Continual self-improvement "There are always two businesses you've got to manage. There's the business you're in, and the business you're becoming.” - Tony Robbins If you’re not growing, you’re dying While the competition gets better, you fall further behind

Tony is a big believer in constant learning and improvement - Facing your fears - Trying new things - Taking new actions But it’s not enough to simply know this You need to set aside time regularly to grow

If you’re always putting out fires and maintaining the status quo, you’ll never grow It’s best to spend an hour first thing every day focused on growth Before the distractions spill into your world Do this and you’ll continually achieve bigger and better things

4. Personal Power (taking action) “The path to success is to take massive, determined action.” – Tony Robbins Nothing matters without action In Tony’s mind, those who take the most action achieve the most success I agree

That’s why there are people with half your IQ that make twice as much money They aren’t smarter They just take more action Which gives them more opportunity to find something that works better (and yes, some just got lucky)

When we learn, we’re in a passive state We’re not prepared to turn what we hear or read into action But this is where winners are made When you learn something new, put it into action ASAP When you have an idea, put it into action ASAP You’ll fly past the competition

According to Tony, success isn’t some big secret It’s simple beliefs and habits done every day The best thing you can do is remember these and create routines to instill them - Read them daily - Create rituals to deepen them - Read affirmations that support them

Make these 4 concepts part of your identity: 1. Certainty 2. Confidence 3. Continual self-improvement 4. Personal power (taking action) You won’t fail if you take this seriously

That’s it Thanks for reading 🙏 These practices have helped me leave my 9-5, create a thriving, growing, and fulfilling coaching practice, and help dozens of clients

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