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7 Rock-Solid Strategies to Build High Self-Esteem = THREAD =

Imagine a sneaky monster living under your bed. It eats your happiness. It fuels your anger, fear, and sadness. It whispers in your ears how everyone sees through your faults. It convinces you that people are going to reject you.

So you reject them in advance and lock yourself away. Or you put them on a pedestal and bend over backward to please them. The result? You end up miserable. Sounds horrifying, right? But that monster is very real. I’m talking about low self-esteem.

It wreaks havoc on your mental and physical health. But does that mean you are doomed forever with this monster? Nope. You can build high self-esteem through a few proven habits. So here are 7 rock-solid strategies to build high self-esteem:

1. Clarify Your Values High self-esteem comes from living up to your values. What happens when you don't? You set yourself up for low self-esteem. When you stick to your goals you teach your brain that you are reliable. And every time you don't, you lose face to yourself.

So why do you still keep doing that? Because sticking to your goals is hard. Not having a compelling vision and well-defined values makes it harder. So spend some time clarifying your values. Do that and sticking to your goals will become a breeze. Self-esteem will follow.

2. Focus on Growth instead of Outcome Craft specific goals. But forget about them once you’ve set them. Focus your effort on developing routines and habits that keep you moving in the right direction. They are the ones that are going to take you to your goals.

And do you know what’s even better? This way you are always focusing on the gain and not on the gap. You are mindful of your daily progress. And your self-esteem grows along the way.

3. Get rid of the Negative Self-Talk A ton of dialogue goes on every day in your head. So what happens if that self-talk is negative? Your self-esteem tanks. It makes you feel discouraged, anxious, guilty, and even depressed.

Become aware of how you talk to yourself. Then catch yourself in the act when you are being a jackass to yourself. Tone yourself down. Slowly you will figure out your negative thinking habits. Get rid of this habit and your self-esteem will rise.

4. Become Grateful Research shows that people who make a habit of gratitude have high self-esteem. So build small habits around being more grateful. Our family has a morning gratitude routine where we say why we are grateful to each other. Maybe you can give it a try.

Being grateful helps you stay compassionate. To others and to yourself. And when you’re being compassionate, you hold yourself in high regard. Your self-esteem increases as a result.

5. Ground Your Expectations You become frustrated and disappointed when expectations are broken. So what if it happens regularly? You fall into coping habits like judging yourself, passive aggression, and isolation. Each of them devastating for your self-esteem.

So build fewer expectations. Be realistic and careful while forming them. And drop the unrealistic ones. Your self-esteem will thank you for that.

6. Choose Better Company You are a product of your company and so is your self-esteem. You cannot build high self-esteem if the people around you keep pulling you down to the mud. So make a conscious decision to cut off toxic people from your life.

Now I get it. Cutting off people you’ve known for so long is hard. But do it anyway if you feel that's holding you back. Your self-esteem suffers when there’s a gap between what you do and what you should be doing. So make that call. Your reward will be high self-esteem.

7. Become Assertive What does it mean to be assertive? To speak in an honest yet respectful way. To ask directly for what you want. To say no firmly to what you don’t.

This is how you adhere to your values daily. Through your words. And through your actions. Make this your life philosophy. Self-esteem will rush to catch up with you.

TL;DR 1. Clarify Your Values 2. Focus on Growth instead of Outcomes 3. Get rid of the Negative Self-Talk 4. Become Grateful 5. Ground Your Expectations 6. Choose Better Company 7. Become Assertive

Low-self esteem is a pain to live with. It sucks the joy and meaning out of your life. But you don’t have to succumb to this monster. Give the above strategies a try.

Stay compassionate with yourself while you build up the practice. Slowly you will start to reap the benefits. You will feel more joy, confidence, and peace. A life with high self-esteem awaits you.

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