"The power of #community is that all of us together can do something that none of us individually can" @HubSpot launched a connected community for growth professionals You may ask: Why? Let me tell you more 🧵 [from @dharmesh speech at @INBOUND 22] /1

I've always been a bit of a computer #nerd. I remember when my mom got me my first computer, it was like magic to me. I was able to teach myself to code—and that's when things got real interesting. With that computer, I could connect to services like CompuServe and... /2

America Online, who let me do this magical thing: #connect with other like-minded people online. There were online #communities for everything—from Word puzzles to classic Bollywood songs (which are still my jam) to competitive #Rubik's cube solving. /3

I never looked back once I discovered the community. It's the place I felt like I truly fit in. When I think of community, I think of people as dots. #Dots and lines form graphs & I love graphs! When I see an #audience, I picture a bunch of dots & that makes me feel #calm. /4

So I set up an online #community website for my classmates. There were 85 of us, and every single one of them joined. That's not the cool part. The cool part is that I got to be the #admin! We had interest groups, & the most popular one was #poker. I wasn't a member of... /5

that group. This was my first exposure to the power of #community, and I learned that a community does not have to be huge in order to be #valuable to its members. It just needs to #connect the dots! /6

Turns out one of those dots was an exemplary dot—I don't use the word "exemplary" lightly. I don't use it at all, actually. That was my first time meeting @bhalligan. We connected and hit it off, and we ended up starting @HubSpot together in June 2006. /7

It wasn't a romance or a bromance it was a #growmance. Our mutual passion was helping companies grow and instead of giving each other the look we co-authored a book it was called #inbound #marketing. So inbound was about pulling #customers in instead of pushing messages out, /8

it was about adding value before you take value. @Inbound wasn't a product, it was a philosophy and so while we were growing @HubSpot the company we grew inbound the #community, right alongside it; & last week we celebrated 16 years of both HubSpot and this inbound community. /9

As humans we have a craving to connect. It's one of the defining characteristics of our species and there have been times where I've felt down, dejected, disconnected with the challenging times we have. Now you may be feeling some of that too, nothing seems to be working. /10

I'm clueless why can't I figure this out? Everybody else probably has this figured out. I'll let you in on a #secret: nobody has it all figured out. You Are Not Alone, and that's where #Community comes in. A committee Whispers to you with a quiet confidence you belong, /11

you have #value, you matter. Doesn't matter who you are or where you are or how the numbers look. You matter! But communities don't just help with our personal relationships, they can help us professionally too. They can help you #grow your company and further your career. /12

If I were to describe inbound in modern terms I would call it value-led #growth. So here's the evolution of value-led growth at #HubSpot. Many of your companies likely had a similar evolution: it starts with #sales-led growth, that's just a person selling to another person. /13

In the early days of HubSpot Brian was doing all the selling for us so it was Brian-led #growth, & the value sales added to the process was #consultation. The best sales people consult with customers help them understand their challenges & #connect them to possible solutions /14

Then came #marketing-led growth. The value being added here was #content, things like blogs and white papers and #videos. This didn't replace sales, this fueled sales. And then there was product-led growth. Value here: #code! In HubSpot's case we have our... /15

free #CRM and our free Suite of connected applications. And now there's #community-led growth. It's the new kid on the block and it has all the right stuff. You just have to take it step by step. The value added with Community is #connection, /16

but how does connection create value? So let's say you're experiencing some #challenges at work. Rather than tap dancing around the issues you can tap someone on the shoulder in real life or virtually, and ask them: has your organic #search #traffic taken a dip this year? /17

has your sales cycle gotten longer? are there any tactics you've used that have worked? that ability to connect and trade notes and share experiences and ideas is invaluable, so #communities can add a lot of value by allowing people to connect. /18

HubSpot connect will be based on the ideal framework, it'll combine a network, a #Marketplace, & an academy and put all together in one place. Thankfully we're not starting from zero. #HubSpot has an audience of millions and... /19

we'll be working to turn that #audience of millions into a connected Community for the benefit of all you #dots. The second guiding principle at HubSpot is to "#simplify". We want our products to be easy to use, our platform to be easy to build on, and... /20

our community to be easy to connect with, and we want to be an open #Community just like Inbound is. So it doesn't matter what CRM #platform you're on, doesn't matter what products you use, doesn't matter what sports team you cheer for,... /21

you are all welcome in this community. We won't be able to do it all at once, we like to dream big and iterate small. Here's a glimpse of the big dream: Imagine years from now the community has millions of members, and you can #connect to those millions of members. /22

Imagine using connect to #hire someone with verified experience using a part of @HubSpot like hiring an Ops person that's used our custom objects feature. Imagine you're at @HubSpotAcademy and there's a connect button and so you can join a study group... /23

for any course inside HubSpot #Academy. Imagine you're a Creator and you want to create a specialized course for social media #growth in the higher ed industry for Latin America, that's something HubSpot would never be able to do and that's the power of community, is that... /24

all of us together can do something that none of us individually can. /25

@HubSpot connect is still a tiny Dot but I'd love for you to join me in this community you can create a free account and claim your username and future bragging rights that you joined when there were fewer than 10,000 members not 10 million: /26 /END

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