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Here's 40 TikTok hooks that could make you go viral. (Not in any particular order) //THREAD//

1.) My go-to X for X. 2.) Don't buy that, buy this instead. 3.) I tried every X so you don't have to and here are the results. 4.) X people stop scrolling. 5.) This is for X people, so if you're not keep.

6.) 3 tips to get rid of X. 7.) 5 tips to get X. 8.) I promise you've never X. 9.) This risk-free X is something you need if you want to X. 10.) Stop scrolling if you want X.

11.) Wait! Don't go anywhere, I wanna show you something. 12.) Are you X looking to get rid of X / looking to get X. 13.) This video is only for X people, so keep scrolling if that's not you. 14.) X product is officially my go-to for X. 15.) Things TikTok made me buy.

16.) If you're like me and do X, then this one is for you. 17.) What I order vs. what I got. 18.) (reply to comment with video). 19.) Best X products I've tried that actually work. 20.)I just got my X products and I'm so excited.

21.) Things I Wish I Knew About Sooner Part X. 22.) I keep seeing these X from X all over my feed so I had to try. 23.) I actually can't believe this does X. 24.) I actually can't believe this only costs X. 25.) I just found X that does X.

26.) I just found X that does not X. 27.) I just got my package from X. 28.) (Snap transition with text question). 29.) ASMR of product in use. 30.) X Product is the only one I use for X and I'm gonna show you why.

31.) Some days I don't X and that's why I use X. 32.) Come do X with me (show the product in use). 33.) This is why you need X. 34.) I got the best gift for my X. 35.) Doing X is like X (metaphor + greenscreens + voiceovers).

36.) POV (only text and video). 37.) Guys, this works so well and looks so beautiful (end results, then problem + pain). 38.) This is one of my favorite X brands for X (Unboxing + in use). 39.) Product on website vs. in real life. 40.) Instead of doing/using X do X.

There you go! Some of the hundreds of hooks we've gathered from successful videos. But, reading isn't enough. So... 1. Put these hooks into action and go make some killer videos, and let me know how it goes! 2. Follow me to learn more about the game of TikTok and Ecomm.

P.S. comment what hooks I missed!

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