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10X+ Google Ads ROAS For High Ticket Dropshipping Products 📈 🧵 Google Ads Series Day 3/14 🧵 How to Sell Branded High Ticket Products on Google Ads with an Insane ROI: ///THREAD///

1/ USE A 3 TIER CAMPAIGN SETUP IN GOOGLE SHOPPING Create a campaign Titled “High | Shopping”, and set the priority to “High”. Create a campaign Title “Medium | Shopping” and set the priority to “Medium” Create a campaign Title “Low | Shopping” and set the priority to “Low”

*Make sure each campaign has the same location targeting and products within it* 2/ CREATE AD GROUPS WITHIN EACH CAMPAIGN Some advertisers like sub-dividing by brand, but there is no “right” way.

What do I do? I like to sub-divide by a vendor, and then bid by price. You will likely know your margin for each vendor and can bid accordingly (higher for higher margin products) You can attach a price “Label” using Feed for Google Shopping by Symbiosis

NEXT: KEYWORD LISTS Go to Keyword Lists and create the following 3, and “apply” them to the corresponding campaigns (i) Universal Negatives KW List: Apply All (ii) Medium Funnel Targeting KW List: Apply to High (iii) Low Funnel KW List: Apply to High and Medium

GOOGLE SHOPPING CPC BIDDING Set your "High" campaign to have extremely low bids - between $0.10-$0.20 At this point, leave your "Medium" and "Low" bids at $0.01.

As your ads start running, ONLY your "High" campaign should be seeing any impressions or clicks. If your Medium or Low are seeing impressions, it means your campaigns are not set up correctly. ** The campaign setup phase is extremely important to get right before spending **

Once you start seeing search terms in your "High" campaign that are branded in nature, you can begin selecting them and adding them to the KW lists that you created earlier.

Your "High" campaign gets everything at first. As you get data, you can filter specific terms into your keyword lists so they get filtered to your "Medium" and "Low" campaigns, where you can bid higher. Below are some examples of what each campaign should be targeting:

KW TARGET EXAMPLES High Campaign - "Red Car" Medium Campaign - "Ford Red Car" "Ford Pickup". Low Campaign - "Ford Red F150", "Buy Ford F150 2008" Bidding higher as we go from High--->Low as the lower in the funnel, the higher customers will convert.

As you see these terms showing up in "Search Terms" on Google, you can add them to the keyword list you created earlier so they are filtered to the correct campaigns. "Ford Red Car" would go in Medium Funnel Targeting KW List "Ford Red F150" would go in Low Funnel KW List.

Anything that you put in "Universal Negatives" will not show up for any campaigns. I use words such as "Cheap", "Manual", "accessories", "Customer service" here. You can now begin increasing bids in Medium/Low very slowly.

When starting, I recommend trying to spend around 75-80% of your budget on keywords in the Medium/Low campaigns, as they convert at a much higher %. Of course, if a certain product or brand is selling well in your high campaign, you can increase your bids.

Google Ads can be difficult to write threads on because of how situational they are, so take all the above with a grain of salt. I hope the above provided some sort of value nevertheless. RT the first tweet to share with your audience ✌️

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