#miyacestober2022 day 16 • family/pack dynamics + escort // "samu," atsumu heaves, leaning onto his twin heavily for support. despite this, he says, "ya don't haveta do this." "shut up," osamu replies simply. "we're pack, we're /family/, we look after each other." +

"but this is—" atsumu doesn't want to say he's embarrassed to have osamu see him like this, going into heat, his slick leaking through his sweatpants, the patch visible and obvious. he doesn't want osamu to be near him, because he's afraid that— +

"i told ma i'm gonna escort ya to the heat service centre, and that's exactly what i plan to do." the service centre. where unmated omegas go for their heats. so they can find a cock—whether real or fake, to knot them like their instincts scream for. +

it's not the first time atsumu has gone to one of these, not by a long shot, but it's the first time since— two weeks ago, atsumu and osamu kissed. it was an accident, kind of. atsumu guesses he wasn't really being clear, and osamu might've read too much into it, and— +

so things have been a bit awkward after that. for the first time they can remember, they avoided each other. didn't pair up for pack activities, didn't run together under the moon. when atsumu started going into heat and osamu declared he would accompany him +

to the centre, he was legitimately surprised. osamu looks at atsumu, as if knowing what's on his mind. he sighs and says, "look, about the other day—" "shut up, samu, not now." because now, if osamu talked about how he'd kissed atsumu, +

he couldn't be sure that he would be able to control himself. to stop himself pawing at osamu. they were both omegas, sure, but osamu's status was always a bit contentious, sometimes he seems more like an alpha. when osamu winces, atsumu mirrors the movement, +

then apologises. "sorry," he waves a hand vaguely to explain, "heat." osamu nods. they soon arrive at the heat centre. atsumu gives the receptionist his name, having already booked his stay in advance. the woman, a beta, nods and confirms his reservation. +

then she looks at osamu, still holding atsumu up and asks, "is he staying too?" they both immediately shake their heads, talking over each other. eventually it is osamu who says, "oh, no. i'm. i'm an omega, so." for some reason the lady smiles gently at them. +

"there's no reason you can't have an omega companion, dear. we don't have to be so bound by tradition, you know?" and then she /winks/. "that's fine and all, but—" "he'll stay," atsumu cuts osamu off, before he can tell the woman they're twins. it should be obvious enough +

from their appearances, anyway. osamu looks at him with clear shock and confusion. atsumu ignores his stares and tells the receptionist, "you're right. i've never had anyone with me during my heats," and osamu's eyes go wide at that, "maybe i should change things up a bit." +

then he looks at osamu and says the next part directly to him, "try something new, yeah?" osamu visibly swallows. when the receptionist hands atsumu the keys to his room, she does so with a knowing smirk and a wink.

// lol and then they show up to atsumu's room and osamu is like ohhh my god while atsumu is like oh fuck because he forgot he arranged to have all the toys he likes and everything to get through his heat already in the room so he can get straight into it. 😉

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