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#miyacestober2022 day 19: Training cw / nsfw, pet play, osaatsu “Alright, ‘Tsumu,” Osamu says, an air of finality slipping over him. He straightens his posture, hands hidden behind his back, tipping his chin up to stare down his nose at Atsumu. “You remember the rules?”

“Course I remember the—” Atusmu’s cut off by something cold in his face, and it takes him a moment too long to realize it’s water—that Osamu just sprayed him in the face with a spray bottle no longer hidden behind his back. Atsumu sputters indignantly. “The fuck—”

The cold water spritzes against his face again, and Atsumu glowers, opening his mouth to rebuttal once more. This time the water is preceded by Osamu’s other hand yanking on the leash he holds. The collar around Atsumu’s throat presses against him, choking him momentarily.

He closes his eyes and mouth against the water before glaring from underneath where his bangs are plastered to his face already, not even a minute into the session. He’s learned his lesson though, and keeps his mouth shut.

“Clearly you don’t.” Osamu’s voice is stern, eyes disappointed, and that more than anything else has Atsumu aching to behave. “The first rule is puppy’s don’t speak with words. Do you understand?”

Atsumu nods slowly, tentatively, but Osamu raises both an eyebrow and the spray bottle so Atsumu reacts accordingly. He lets out a tentative yip. Osamu smiles at him, finally pleased. “Good boy,” he coos, reaching out to pet Atsumu’s head like it’s his reward.

And it is, in a way; Atsumu melts under the touch, something in his mind going hazy almost immediately. It feels good, much better than the droplets of cool water still sliding down his chin. He barks again, a little more certain and Osamu smiles, scratching behind his ear.

It had been Atsumu’s idea initially to try this. He’d brought up pet play, mostly as a joke, but Osamu’s the one who’s eyes lit up at the suggestion. “Yeah?” He’d said, something hungry in his eyes. “You wanna be a good puppy for me?”

It’s easier said than done but yeah, he does want it. So now he’s naked save for a collar and a leash, kneeling on the floor while Osamu looms above him. He shivers, remembering the muzzle Osamu had shown him he bought—that he said he was saving for another time.

“Do you need to be reminded of the rest of the rules?” Atsumu shakes his head. They discussed parts of how this would go beforehand, bits about expectations and what this sort of play meant to each of them. Atsumu doesn’t know all of Osamu’s plans, but he knows the rules.

He still hesitates when Osamu starts walking out of the bedroom. Atsumu starts to rise on his knees, only to see the spray bottle and remember himself. He leans forward onto his hands, bracing himself for a moment to breathe before he follows, Osamu patiently waiting.

It’s weird, having to crawl after his brother, even slowly. It’s embarrassing, and he feels warm despite his lack of clothes, Osamu’s eyes on him like a tangible force. He crawls slowly, keeping his head down to watch Osamu’s feet continue backing out of their room.

It wouldn’t be so bad if he had something on. As it stands, with every lurch forward he can feel his cock bobbing below him. His erection had only flagged slightly since they started, the scenario working him up before doing anything, and now his humiliation rolls his stomach.

Even just this, crawling on all fours like a dog, knowing Osamu is watching him, assuming Osamu is getting off on this too—it’s enough to reignite his arousal, despite how mundane they’ve started off.

The plug Osamu had him work into himself shifts with every movement too, and Atsumu pants softly at how the soft fur of the attached tail brushes against his thighs, teasing his skin and only making this harder for him.

Osamu stops in the middle of their living area, and Atsumu stops too, head down while he waits. “Sit.” Atsumu sits back on his knees, cheeks flushed, looking anywhere but his brother. “Good boy.” Osamu scratches behind his ears again, and Atsumu squirms.

“Let’s have lunch, hm?” Atsumu blinks, eyebrows furrowing. He almost asks what Osamu means, but catches himself, voicing his confusion with a whine instead. “Stay.” Osamu drops the leash, walking into the kitchen, and though Atsumu aches to follow, he doesn’t.

Atsumu doesn’t sit there for long, but it’s long enough that he starts getting nervous, his skin prickling. Osamu returns shortly with a covered tray, like he’d prepared this part before the scene started, and Atsumu relaxes slightly.

Osamu puts the tray on the table, abandoning it in favour of crouching in front of Atsumu. He cups Atsumu’s face gently, thumbs brushing his cheeks carefully as he looks him over. “Such a good boy for me,” Osamu murmurs, keeping character even as he checks in.

Atsumu feels good. He was nervous when Osamu left him, but the anxiety has faded back into the recesses of his cloudy mind. He feels floaty and they’ve barely even done anything, relaxing into this role easier than he thought he would.

He yips, leaning forward to lick Osamu’s cheek, startling a laugh out of his brother. “Fair enough.” Osamu presses a reassuring kiss to Atsumu’s forehead before picking the leash back up to guide Atsumu over to the table.

Atsumu follows, sitting next to one of the chairs as he figures out what he’s supposed to do. Osamu is focused on his tray, and Atsumu’s trying to determine how he’s supposed to get on the chair ‘like a puppy.’

He doesn’t have to think for long. He was so focussed on the chair, he didn't see what Osamu was doing. He’s startled from his thoughts by a sharp whistle, and when he looks again Osamu has placed a dog bowl on the ground next to him.

Atsumu’s breath stutters out of him, mouth going dry as his head spins. Osamu cards his fingers through Atsumu’s hair, giving him a moment to find his bearings. Atsumu can only stare at the silver bowl, vision tunneling on it as he considers the implications.

“Tsumu?” Osamu asks quietly after a moment, his voice something else for Atsumu to focus on. “D’ya wanna take a break?” Atsumu shakes his head slowly, crawling forward until he’s kneeling in front of the bowl, but he looks up at Osamu with determination.

Osamu seems hesitant, but nods. “Lunch time, then.” Atsumu steals himself. He almost reaches out for the food with his hands, and he doesn’t thinks Osamu would stop him, even with the spray bottle sitting on the table. That’s not right though, puppy’s don’t eat with their hands.

Atsumu shifts onto all fours, shuffling backwards to give himself room. It’s difficult, he isn’t quite sure how he’s supposed to approach this let alone actually eat. He does his best though, lowering himself onto his elbows so his face is level with the bowl as he starts eating.

He knows Osamu is sitting next to him, can feel his gaze burning across the expanse of his back. He tries to maintain his composure, following along with the scene as he’s supposed to, but the humiliation of it all has his neglected cock dripping on the floor.

He can’t eat all of the food, but Osamu doesn’t seem to mind. When Atsumu moves away from the bowl, chest heaving and eyes glassy, Osamu just sits next to him and cleans the specks of food off his face with a napkin.

“What a good boy you are,” Osamu coos for maybe the millionth time, but the words don’t lose their effect, and Atsumu whimpers, rubbing his thighs together. “Today’s all about getting you house trained, and you’re doing so well.”

Osamu eyes dip below Atsumu for a moment, and his soft smile turns a little more predatory. “Well, for the most part. Maybe we should have picked up some puppy pads too, so you wouldn’t make such a mess.”

The shame washes over Atsumu, and he has to bite back a moan as his dick kicks weakly. He clenches around the plug, and only then does he realize his tail is wagging with every movement of his thighs.

“That’s okay, though, we’ll save potty training for another day, hm?” Atsumu shivers, Osamu’s big hand caressing down his neck and back, petting him like he’s a real dog. It’s hard for Atsumu to sit still, panting heavily as Osamu’s words echo in his mind.

“I think you’ve done well today, I think you deserve a reward and then we can be all done, how does that sound?” Atsumu barks on instinct, swaying his hips to make the tail wag to go along with the rest of the illusion. Osamu laughs.

“Okay, but you’ll have to work for it. You can do it though, you’re my good puppy.” And Atsumu is. He wants to be so badly, so he is. He’d do anything Osamu told him to right now in a heartbeat.

Atsumu moans, low and drawn out when Osamu finally touches his cock. He humps into Osamu’s hand unintentionally, chasing the stimulation he hasn’t received this whole time. Osamu only strokes him a few times however, before pulling away.

He presents his hand to Atsumu, glistening with precum, and Atsumu dutifully licks it up while Osamu smirks. Once his hand is clean, Osamu readjusts how he’s kneeling before he pats his thighs. “Okay, come here boy. Make yourself feel good.”

Atsumu crawls forward until he’s straddling Osamu’s thigh, staring at him for reassurance that he’s doing the right thing. Osamu just smiles at him before taking his hips in hand and guiding Atsumu into thrusting against his thigh.

“Fuck.” Atsumu almost expects the spray bottle in return, but he guesses Osamu meant what he said about a reward. He can let a few things slide. So Atsumu humps his brothers thigh, panting against his neck, letting out little yips and moans.

It’s embarrassing. It’s hot as hell. Atsumu feels like he’s drowning, and Osamu keeps calling him a good puppy until his head is spinning and there isn’t anymore room for thoughts besides the need to come.

Osamu’s hand is stroking his back in comfort, but slowly slips further down until he’s playing with the base of Atsumu’s tail, pulling and pushing just enough for the plug to move inside him, and suddenly Atsumu is coming with a sob, hips jerking.

Osamu holds him as Atsumu comes, shaking and circling his hips to chase the last of his pleasure. His body feels suddenly heavy as he slumps against his brother, the haze of his mind fading to reveal a sudden exhaustion.

Osamu tells him he’s been so good, that he’s done more than enough today. When Atsumu pulls away, he can see the mess he’s made on his brother’s pants, and without being told he bends down to clean that mess up too.

He can tell Osamu’s hard, and once he’s finished cleaning up his mess he goes to help Osamu too but is stopped. “We gotta take care of you first, mkay? Then we’ll see.” Atsumu nods, too tired to argue, and lets Osamu drag him back to bed.

He sits still while Osamu removes the collar, rolling over when directed so Osamu can take the plug out too. He gets tucked in, and he whines when Osamu disappears, only to reappear with a glass of water he makes Atsumu drink.

“Was it good?” Osamu’s voice is quiet, sitting next to Atsumu bundled up in their bed. Atsumu woofs, to be funny, to prove he did have fun, but Osamu’s eyebrows furrow in concern so he ends up laughing instead. “It was good. Wanna go longer next time.”

Osamu shoves his head lightly, and Atsumu squirms further down the bed so he can lie down properly, eyelids heavy. “Yeah, we can try for longer next time. Right now we gotta train you though.”

Atsumu yawns, smiling at the idea. He finds Osamu still at least half hard in his pants, and bites his lip. “C’n I—” “Next time, puppy.” Osamu’s response is quick, and he tucks Atsumu in fully. “Get some sleep.” And good puppies follow orders, so Atsumu does. fin.

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