fantasy au where kiyoomi was a demon of some sort and atsumu was just a human and one night they’re having a conversation where atsumu was like “it’d be funny if ya had to give me yer hand won’t it?” and the “hand in marriage” was not said but implied

but omi’s demon brain didn’t comprehend that .fast forward,there’s fights everywhere and omi has to go fight but he doesn’t want to leave atsumu alone and atsumu’s all teary eyed so kiyoomi just rips off his arm and gives it to him saying “years ago you asked for my hand”

and atsumu’s tears stop from the shock of it all and he starts crying , full in bawling because “what the fuck omi how are ya going to fight now?!” and omi just tilts his head to the side and regenerates the wholeass arm and atsumu just takes a deep breath

to calm hinself down and is like like “omi i meant i want yer hand in marriage , i want ya to marry me, live with me forever , that sort of shit ya know?” and he wiggles the limp arm in his hand “ not this literally ya know!!!!” and he watches omi’s eyes light up in understanding

omi takes his ripped arm from atsumu and throws it away, it’ll burn under the sun away, comforting his lover was more important than an arm anyway.

/ END ! i don’t know what this its just a bunch of words sniff im gonna nap now

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