Ukrainian far-right has been overrepresented in the international media. A thread about Russian fascism in the context of #UkraineRussiaWar. Photo: Russian soldier (left) with Schwarze Sonne. (1/24)

When the war begun in 2014 a lot of militias were formed in the so called "People's Republics" of Donetsk and Luhansk. Here are some of them. (2/24)

Where are they now? Have been the Republics or Russia denazified yet? If not, how can Putin talk about the denazification of Ukraine? (3/24)

Rusich (Русич) Battalion which uses the imperial flag along with the Kolovrat, was founded by Alexey Milchakov, (second photo). They are associated with Wagner mercenaries. (4/24)

They have been around since 2014 (1st photo Alexey is in the middle). They have also fought in Syria (2nd photo). 5/24)

Alexey can be seen in the top left photo. (6/24)

Alexey and Yan Petrovsky (right) with the white supremacist Jared Taylor (centre). (7/24)

Yan Petrovsky also met polish fascists. (8/24)

Petrovsky wears a T-shirt with the text "Viking Battalion". The Battalion uses the rune TYR, also used in the past by the 32nd SS Volunteer Grenadier Division "30 Januar" and by neonazis nowadays. (9/24)

Russian National Unity (Русское Национальное Единство). The organization was founded by Alexander Barshakov. (10/24)

Previous to 2014 this was their symbol. (11/24)

Now they use this one. (12/24)

They have been in Donbas since 2014. (13/24)

Other Russia (Другая Россия), National Bolshevik Party until 2010. They have been since 2014 in Donetsk. (14/24)

They formed the Interbrigades (Интербригады) and they have been sending members since then. (15/24)

We have all seen this picture of Denis Pushilin with Lieutenant Colonel Timur Kurilkin, Somalia Battalion. (16/24)

It's not the first time we have seen Pushilin meeting a fascists. He was interviewed by the polish fascist Bartosz Bekier of Falanga. (17/24)

Russian Imperial Movement (Русское имперское движение). We can see a lot of imperial flags, even in the regular Russian army. (18/24)

We can spot one in this video (sec 0:15). (19/24)

This frame. (20/24)

The organization formed a paramilitary branch, Imperial Legion (Имперский Легіон). The organisation has also been linked to Atomwaffen Division, an international Neo-Nazi network. (21/24)

ENOT Corp, russian nationalist group, acting as a private military company. 1st pic, centre, is Alexander Borodai, former PM of the DPR. 2nd pic, we can see an kolovrat in the man's elbow. 3rd photo, can be seen the Valknot, used by Rusich and Wagner. (22/24)

We can also see Communist Party of the Russian Federation (КПРФ by its acronym in russian) flags in imperialist marches (Russian March), 1st pic. Also the usage of Soviet iconography, 2nd pic. (23/24)

There is a lot more, but it's important to understand that the retoric of denazification is a pure stupidity and Putin doesn't have the legitimacy to talk about it. Last photo —for now—, the idea of Ukraine by Imperial Legion. (24/24)

Bonus: in the past Navalny attended Russian Marches. Navalny is also a chauvinist.

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