What is JSON? The Complete Guide: Thread 🧵

JSON stands for Javascript Object Notation. JSON is a text-based data format that is used to store and transfer data. Syntax-

In JSON, the data are in "key/value" pairs separated by a comma " , ". JSON was derived from JavaScript. So, the JSON syntax resembles JavaScript object literal syntax. However, the JSON format can be accessed and created by other programming languages too.

JSON Data - JSON data consists of "key/value" pairs similar to JavaScript object properties. The key and values are written in double quotes separated by a colon " : ". ➡️Example-

JSON Object - The JSON object is written inside curly braces `{ }`. JSON objects can contain multiple "key/value" pairs. ➡️Example-

JSON Array - JSON array is written inside square brackets `[ ]`. ➡️Example-

Accessing JSON Data - You can access JSON data using the dot notation. ➡️Example-

JavaScript Objects VS JSON - Though the syntax of JSON is similar to the JavaScript object, JSON is different from JavaScript objects.

Converting JSON to JavaScript Object - You can convert JSON data to a JavaScript object using the built-in `JSON.parse()` function. ➡️Example-

Converting JavaScript Object to JSON - You can also convert JavaScript objects to JSON format using the JavaScript built-in `JSON.stringify()` function. ➡️Example-

Use of JSON: JSON is the most commonly used format for transmitting data (data interchange) from a server to a client and vice-versa. JSON data are very easy to parse and use. It is fast to access and manipulate JSON data as they only contain text.

JSON is language-independent. You can create and use JSON in other programming languages too.

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