Rayner Teo

Rayner Teo



If you're feeling lost in trading, then The MAEE Formula can help you...

[Market Structure] This helps you define what is the current market condition so you know whether you should be looking for buying opportunities, selling opportunities, or to stay out of the markets. This answers the question: “What should you do?

[Area of Value] This allows you to identify areas on your chart where buying/selling pressure could step in so you know where to look for trading opportunities—instead of chasing the market all over the place. This answers the question: “Where to buy or sell?”

[Entry Trigger] Once you’ve nailed down the market structure and area of value, then you want to wait for a valid entry trigger to get you into a trade. This answers the question: “When to buy or sell?”

[Exits] And finally, you must know when to get out of a trade if the market goes against you or when it moves in your favour. This answers the question: “When to exit if you’re right or wrong?”

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