sai priya

sai priya



From the temple contractor, Mohammad Razaq, being muslim - handing out contracts to muslim shop owners within temple premises. huge corruption reported to the tune of tens of crores as Razaq, exercising local influence, doesn’t allow shop registration.

five days ago, a Shiva linga was unearthed in Srisailam, under which there were gold coins and gems - this treasure was looted by the same Mohammad Razaq who seems to have full influence on all temple affairs.

Proselytising near Srisailam, one of the sacred Jyotirlinga kshetras, is nothing new. In Dec 2019 four men were caught taking pictures with a bible near the temple premises. the temple staff and locals had complained about their propagating christianity

Sept 2019: A priest at the Srisailam temple said there was no permission for members of other religions to propagate their faith on the hills since the hill town is sacred, after a christian van with YSR’s image and a flexible with bible verses was seen

Razaq also accused of transporting mutton in flower baskets. Officials have not yet taken action on this rakshasa temple contractor despite years of conflict with the locals/temple staff and desecration of a sacred jyotirlinga kshetra.

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