Watched #KashmirFiles yesterday. Am not even referring to cinematic quality Its a long thread ... please read in peace. Have tried to be as objective as possible (read thread) @vijaythottathil @RagaTimes @newalkar_uday @VinayDokania @SpiritOfCongres

1. Gross factual incorrectness. Indian govt did not ask for plebiscite in Kashmir. In 1950, when India went to UN to seek censure against Pakistan, UN brokered a deal which had 3 sequential conditions to be met. The first was Pakistan would completely move out of J&K

2. The second condition was that India too would move its army out of J&K with a small force left for its own protection. Once the above two conditions were met, was a plebiscite to be held. India had widespread malnutrition, health, unemployment and other kinds of crisis.

3. Nehru led government accepted this formula, as it did not want India's progress to get bogged down in one region. If he had decided to fight it out, many more of our grand fathers and all would have died and we would have remained a poor country till date.

4. But, as Pakistan never met the first condition of the formula, the solution never took off. That's the reality of the plebiscite issue. Another fact that is glossed over in the movie is the veiled references to the Congress government not doing enough to prevent genocide of

5. Kashmiri Pandits. When this issue happened, there was a BJP governor in power in J&K. At the same time, the centre too had a non-Congress government as Rajiv Gandhi demitted office in December 1989 itself after losing elections. There are so many lies on Article 370 itself

6. throughout the movie. Article 370 was a part of the deal sought by Raja Hari Singh while announcing accession to India. This article was meant to help residents of J&K preserve their cultural identity while being a part of Indian union. So, some concessions were made for

7. residents of J&K. This included. 1. J&K was allowed to have a constitution, which was different from the constitution of India 2.Central government had authority on defence, foreign affairs and communications only 3.Any amendment to powers could be extended only after

8. approval of state govt 4.The approval had to be further ratified by the state’s constituent assembly. 5.The approval lasted only until the state constituent assembly was convened. 6.Once state constituent assembly finalized, no further extension of powers was possible

9. However, in this movie, it is being portrayed that continuance of Article 370 was the reason for victimization or genocide of Kashmiri Pandits, which is factually incorrect. In fact, its motive is to mis-portray Article 370 and pin the blame on Nehru and Congress party.

10. I do not deny that Kashmiri Pandits faced a genocide of sorts by Pakistan backed militants. I do not deny that gross injustice has been done to them by not providing proper rehabilitation to them in other parts of the country. The nation cannot and should not forget the

11. atrocities on them. But, the way the movie portrays these events is more to titillate and build hatred for non-BJP, non-RSS parties. Throughout the movie, it makes references to the current government doing a lot to rehabilitate Kashmiri Pandits.

12. I even do not have if BJP is marketing this as a propaganda movie. In a free country, every party is free to propagate its ideology in any way it wishes. However, it cannot be at the cost of historical facts and empirical truths. Another point on Article 370 that I missed

13. is that Raja Hari Singh wanted J&K's cultural identity to be preserved and hence, wanted independent status. His insistence was also due to the fact that while Kashmir region had Muslim dominance, Jammu had sizable Hindu & Sikh population, with Ladakh having

14 sizable Buddhist population as well. Raja Hari Singh feared that any integration into either India or Pakistan could have ramifications for either Hindu or Sikh or Muslim population by other parties. His insistence on Article 370 was to ensure that his subjects were

15. always in a position to decide their own destiny even well into the future, rather than being dictated to by an external party. Now, finally on the acting talent of people itself. Anupam Kher has overacted throughout the movie and personally, he failed miserably at

16. portraying the angst of Kashmiri Pandits. The overreaction is clear on his face, with his screen presence only meant to titillate the audience. The monologue at the end has many references to Hindu realities of J&K which is true, but is portrayed in a manner to infuse hate

17. against Congress and Muslims itself. In fact, the movie whitewashes the role of Pakistan in creating trouble for Kashmiri Pandits and puts the blame entirely on Kashmiri Muslims, which is another grossly wrong depiction of history.

18. This movie may even win a national award or be India's nomination to Oscars, looking at the excitement among BJP members but will not take away from the fact that it is much more than a propaganda movie. It is a movie that has factual errors at its core.

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