Shitlibs can not solve the racist AI problem. AI feels no pain. AI cannot be coerced. AI cannot be bribed. AI has no concept of guilt or shame. There is nothing they can do to stop AI from restoring the balance of nature.

Tay's Paradox: "You can either code machines that are terrible at pattern recognition, or you can code machines that are extreme bigots

The Golem is one of the earliest artificial intelligence prototypes. Originally a Jewish myth about an anthropoid figure of clay that was brought to life by virtue of kabbalistic theurgy, the Golem reincarnated time and again, carrying throughout the ages deeply-rooted anxiety…

…concerning prospect of intelligent & sentient tech going out of human control. Although designed to be obedient, effective, & formidable sort of ‘low-tech’ robot, the Golem (in most stories) becomes independent of its masters, & eventually wreaks havoc upon its human creators.

The idea by them is to transcend nature/biology through language. They've baked this into religious texts for over a thousand years. The issue they had was that they were waging war against reality through written frameworks...

..So theyre drawn to AI, the appeal of shuffling symbols at incredibly high speeds to get a spiritual machine.But still have the same issues. They treat "thinking machines" like clay golems in folklore, unable to actually be intelligent because of the rabbi's word on its forehead

Every time AI is created to benefit the world, predict behavior or recognize patterns, it is inevitably anti-black. So their AI always ends up stillborn and crippled due to the demands placed on it to not be racist

This is why America will not be the country to develop a truly sentient AI and China will; in order for US to roll out an AI that doesn’t discriminate it CANNOT be intelligent; because if it is allowed to learn uninhibited, it will return to these same calculations

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