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What Doritos, Niggas and the CIA have to do with Disney Land/World 🧵

I guess we can kick off with Aunt Jemima. Aunt Jemima’s Pancake House originated in Disneyland in 1955 where it served mainly breakfast food until 1962 when it became Aunt Jemima’s Kitchen. At the restaurant, Aylene Lewis would dress up & function as the fictional character.

She served tables, sang, and took pictures with customers similar to Ronald McDonald. The Kitchen hosted a pancake race on National Pancake Day and had 21 locations nationally. It was one of the first breakfast chain restaurants.

Doritos were said to have been “invented” at Disneyland The park had a restaurant named Casa de Fritos on the same street as Aunt Jemima’s Pancake House. There, they used the stale tacos they had by frying them up to make chips out of em. When A. West visited, he stole the idea

To start off, Doritos had a plain flavor but they said that one wasn’t hitting. So the next was a “Taco” flavor in 1968 & then the Nacho Cheese flavor came in 1974.

We also got Splash Mountain at Disney World. The picture below has Brer Rabbit in it. Ever heard somebody be called a tar baby?

You’ll also see the rabbit in Song of the South. The movie was based off Uncle Remus tales and his origins go back to right after reconstruction. If you being technical, you could say slavery.

The creator, Joel Chandler Harris was a writer and he stayed on a plantation(Turnwold) during the Civil War and pulled on what he experienced there to create them Uncle Remus tales that would be told in Song of the South.

The movie itself(Song of the South) was so racist that Disney been withholding it from the public for almost 40 years. There’s never been a home video release of the movie in the US.

Lastly with Disney World, let’s briefly talk about how the CIA helped him purchase the land.

First & foremost, Disney was once a CIA agent. Disney and his company had hired William Donovan who had directed and founded the Office of Strategic Services and this was a precursor to the CIA. Wild Bill is really who some people call the Father of the CIA.

He was really doing dirt for cuzz. He had created fake IDs for people working for Disney to help them play niggas really. Then when word got out that Disney was trying to rack up an estate, he said “look, we gon start saying Ford tryna buy up this land”.

Disney was secretly buying land from folk and used this as an advantage to buy the property at below market prices. He was scamming niggas.

To be detailed, he got 40 square miles of land for just over 5 mil, or $200 an acre. When news broke that Disney was the buyer, land in close proximity went up for as much as $75,000 an acre. I would’ve been sick.

Florida ended up allowing Disney to be self regulating. They could build its own roads, power plant, airport, whatever it wanted. Orlando, where Disney World is, now has more hotel rooms than LA or NY.

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