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#miyacestober2022 - Day 12 - Roleplay "Oooh, Mr. Bossman, I'm so sorry! I'll fix that right awa-" "Stop, just...stop," Osamu had his nose all wrinkled as he stared at his twin. Atsumu was currently perched in his lap, typically a great place for Atsumu to be.>>

But Osamu wasn't usually in his stuffy talking-to-investors suits and Atsumu was in a sweater vest from who knew where and Osamu's dick was /critically/ soft in his pants. >>

It was a rare and confusing predicament for him considering he currently had two handfuls of Atsumu's ass, but there it was. "What? What now?" Atsumu pouted and ah now that had Osamu's dick twitching in interest. >>

Atsumu was a world class pouter, not that he would ever tell him that. "This is not sexy," Osamu said, blunt as ever. Atsumu's pout deepened, and Osamu seriously considered just forcing him to his knees. He could slip his dick right into that sweet mouth and-->>

"Osamu, I read about this in a magazine. It's absolutely sexy. It's supposed to be what sexy adventurous people do! They roleplay! They pretend their S.O. is their boss and then their fake boss fucks them and it's hot!" Atsumu ranted, and in his ranting he rocked his hips.>>

It was delicious and Osamu was actually getting into this now if he could just get Atsumu a little closer. "Tsumu, did it ever occur to ya that every time we fuck is adventurous?" Atsumu stilled for a sec, but let Osamu grip his hips and rock him forward again soon enough. >>

"Is that some sweet talk bullshit about how I'm the adventure of your life or something?" Atsumu wrinkled his nose because yeah, they were in love, but they were still brothers, and gross. "No, it's cuz we're breaking the law." Blinking, Atsumu seemed finally consider that.>>

"Fair." He finally seemed to realize that Osamu was rutting against him, his breath grown shallow as he mouthed at Atsumu's throat all hot and desperate. "I thought this wasn't working for ya!" Atsumu accused and tipped his head back to encourage Osamu to bite like he wanted.>>

"S'not," Osamu bit hard, his teeth digging into Atsumu's neck enough to make him keen. "Then--" "It's you, dumbass. Just you." Osamu hissed and yanked Atsumu down for a filthy, burning kiss. Fuck he just wanted to devour Atsumu. Swallow him whole. Make him his every time.>>

He could feel Atsumu scrabbling at his belt buckle, muttering angrily under his breath, "Stupid fucking roleplay." Osamu grinned and toppled Atsumu down onto the floor beneath him. "Spread your legs, baby. I'll show you adventurous." It was all sleezy and Atsumu groaned. >>

He still spread his thighs as easy as anything and whined, "You fucking better. Ruining my plans like that." "Yeah yeah, I'll fill that greedy hole of yours. Don't worry." "It's not greedy!" Atsumu defended all bashful and shy and Osamu nearly laughed in his face.>>

"Fine," Atsumu mumbled. "Greedy just for you though." Fuck, they were sappy. But Atsumu hooked an ankle around his thigh and yanked him close and Osamu went happy as could be. Maybe roleplaying just wasn't for them, but no one could say they weren't pretty electric. //

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