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Depression & Obesity Are Two Of The Major Pandemics Facing Men In 2022 @Tyson_Fury defeated depression & lost over a huge 140 lbs to become heavyweight world champion for a second time // 7 Lessons you can learn from The Champ about overcoming obesity & depression ๐Ÿงต//

@Tyson_Fury Male depression is a huge issue & suicide is the largest killer of men under 50 The next biggest killers of men are all strongly linked to obesity Stroke Cancers Diabetes Heart disease Fury admits that he was in a dark place battling depression, suicidal thoughts & his weight

@Tyson_Fury Tyson Fury is 6 foot 9, he was over 400 lbs & suicidal So the task in front of him to get back to physical & mental health, much less win the world title again was massive This is how we able to slay his demons & get back to fighting shape both physically & mentally

@Tyson_Fury 1. Dropped The Alcohol & Drugs At the height of his depression & all time high weight of 400 lbs Fury was drinking up to 18 pints of a lager a day. He was turning to these things to try numb the pain of depression but booze & drugs only make it worse.

@Tyson_Fury There are about 180 calories in a pint of lager, which he was then following up with whisky, vodka & pizzas So he was consuming huge amounts of calories per day Getting his drinking under control was the first step to getting his diet, mental health & weight under control

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