Skts- Omegaverse-Beta!Omi NSFW Sakusa knew Atsumu was gone for heat leave, but he couldn't stop the way it made him pace around his apartment. His den. He shook his head, betas weren't supposed to think like that, but it had been killing him the past few hours. Knowing his

omega was out there, experiencing a heat without him. Sakusa wasn't there to provide for him, to protect him, to open him wide and make Atsumu cum on his cock as many times as he needed. When his phone rang, he almost ignored it. Too busy pacing a hole into his apartment flooring

It kept ringing, and Sakusa nearly snarled as he answered. "What." "Omi," it was a high pitch moan, wet sounds loud and clear even over the phone. Sakusa's fingers tightened, eyes rolling in his head as Atsumu babbled in his ear. "'m surrounded by all the blankets ya scented for

me, Omi. It's all I can smell, taste." Sakusa felt himself shake, his chest vibrating with pleased purrs. He had always been a bit feral, not beta like. Confused stares had followed him his whole life, personality not matching with his much lighter beta scent. Atsumu drug those

old instincts out of him. He wanted to growl, to bite. To order his omega to let him in his nest. A nest that already smelt of them. "Atsumu," his voice came out rough, but soothing. "Are you touching yourself? Making your pretty pink cock and hole feel so good?"

Atsumu sobbed, and Sakusa could hear him shuddering through an orgasm. He couldn't help but be ravenous for it. Wanting to know how many had it been so far, was his cock barely dribbling with it, was his hole leaking at the thought of Sakusa? "I am, I am. I can't stop thinking

about ya. How ya'd feel, how ya'd taste," fingers were already back to work, not even at the peak of his heat yet. "I want yer knot so fucking bad." Sakusa whined, not even meaning for it to sound so broken. "You know I don't have a knot, sweetheart." He would have done anything

in that moment to have been an alpha. For his personality to match his second gender. "That wouldn't keep ya from knotting me, right, Omi? Ya would still do anything for me. Ya would plug me up nice and tight, breed me. Wouldn't ya?" Atsumu harsh breathing sped up, causing

Sakusa to palm his hard cock. Aching to do just that. "I would. You know I would," Sakusa listened as Atsumu whined. "You'd be pregnant before you ever came back to practice." Atsumu was panting, "come here. I need ya. Now, Omi." Sakusa had grabbed his keys and was out the door

before either of them could even hang up. His omega needed him, and he wasn't going to disappoint.

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