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Alex Cohen



7 billion people use the internet. But no one realizes how terrible their SaaS tools are. Here are 7 software companies with the shittiest user experiences:

1/ SAP Concur I’m not entirely sure this company even has a single full time designer working there

2/ LinkedIn I’ve never got a single useful notification from LinkedIn. Nor have I ever felt compelled to congratulate someone on their work anniversary

3/ Workday Have you ever tried to download multiple paystubs at the same time in workday? I have and it was not fun

4/ Epic This is why your doctors portal looks like it was built in 1999. Because it was and nothing has changed since

5/ Wells Fargo Wells Fargo makes it intentionally difficult to understand how much money you have and what accounts are open so you don’t notice when they open 3 new mortgages under your name without consent

6/ Discord I’m sorry in advance to all the hard working people at Discord who I am offending with this tweet, but your app gives me anxiety and I refuse to use it

7/ Netsuite This is why companies file for bankruptcy — because they literally can’t figure out where to see how much money they’re earning or spending in Netsuite. And it’s like $1b a year for licenses

8/ Salesforce Salesforce is where LinkedIn product managers go when they graduate. They then take their amazing LinkedIn product skills and apply them to the most hideous CRM on the planet

Which companies did I miss? Tag their teams in the replies below 👇

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