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If you've ever dreaded giving feedback, these 17 sentences are for you:

Effective feedback is a gift, not an insult.

Aim your feedback at the action or work, not at the person.

Explain your perception of the action without accusing - this keeps you out of right vs wrong.

Praise in public, but give feedback in private - create the conditions for them to hear what you have to say.

Effective feedback is emphatic and clear: no need to be a jerk, but don't swerve around either.

Feedback contributes to a behavioral change or growth, it's not a time & place to unload.

You can only give feedback if expectations were clear upfront.

Give genuine positive feedback frequently to normalize feedback and practice your delivery.

Effective feedback builds a culture of trust, transparency, and growth within your team.

Never give feedback in the moment: note it, retreat, calm down, forgive & prepare.

Remove ambiguity by using a specific example, don't come with a vague & general observation.

Show the other person why they should care by linking your feedback to their goals.

Effective feedback is timely: if you wait too long, the window for reflection & change has closed.

Teaching someone a lesson takes away ownership, make a request for a change instead.

The goal of giving effective feedback is not to send, but to be heard. Read that again.

You can grab a step-by-step guide for your next effective feedback conversation (with examples) here: Effective feedback provides someone with an opportunity. If you frame it as such, they, you, and your relationship will grow stronger. Don't dread it!

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