nsfw, selfcest, age-gap & miyacest Thinking of 27yo Atsumu letting 16yo Atsumu fuck him, like 16yo Tsumu is trying to justify it with "you can tell me how good i fuck", "you can teach me for when i start to fuck" and "it's one in a lifetime opportunity!"

27yo just rolls with it, plays along, letting the teen believe what he wants because in the end, he knows the truth and that 16yo Tsumu is just lying at himself

16yo Tsumu is thrusting inside him, whines getting higher and higher, 27yo Atsumu knows the signs of himself on the verge of cumming so he just grins to himself and clenches around him, the teen's movements are desperate to reach his high,

His eyes had never left Atsumu, and the older knows it's not just sheer narcissism. So he puts on a show, not the one he does when he wants to look pretty and desirable, no, he acts.

And who does he know at the perfection to portray expertly? Exactly, the object of 16yo Tsumu's affections. So he grunts and groans, he doesn't whine and beg for more as he usually does, he demands with his movements, pushing his hips back and demanding,

always having the upper hand even if he isn't the one on top. Just like he likes it. 16yo is non the wiser, he still hasn't experienced it firsthand yet, he is still on denial, at least in mind, because his body knows it

His body keeps thrusting inside of Atsumu and he takes in every single one of the signs of pleasure on his older body, a body so similar to another he so much desires but can't have, not here or ever (or so he thinks), he knows it's not good, he knows is prohibited

but maybe this is his one and only chance to have the closest to what fucking his brother must feel like, so when he is on the verge of cumming, clawing at 27yo Atsumu's thighs, he cries out the name that the one he so much longs for, "Fuck, so good, 'Samu!"

//I'm rambling but it's funny to me because selfcest with the miyas is just disguised miyacest lmao

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