Pt. Gajanan Krishna Maharaj (Astro- Counsellor)

Pt. Gajanan Krishna Maharaj (Astro- Counsellor)



Rahu - Ketu and Garlic Onion It is said as per a folklore that when Rahu Ketu consumed Amrit, and Sudarshan cut it's throat, in the stress, few drops of Saliva from Rahu(white) and Few drops of blood(Red) from Ketu fell on earth. These drops became roots of Garlic and Onion.

As these drops had properties of Amrit, they are good for health, but as they came from Asuras, they smell. Good point to note is, Onion is red(blood) and Garlic is white(saliva). Another fact is, Garlic helps to curb Rahu's problem like BP, cholestrol and mental issues.

Onion on the other hand helps in Ketu's problem like skin infection (high sulphur), Fever, Fungal infection. That is why probably in almost 70-80% of total population of India, these two items find an important space. They form an essential part of Tadka. While all these drops

were falling, few drops of actual amrit fell as well & it became Giloy, the very natural immunity herb. It helps in Immunity, Fever, Cold, cough, Spleen etc. Saliva sigfies Rahu, and blood signifies Ketu. One who salivates more, spits more, has highly active Rahu. Even

tobacco(Rahu) chewers salivate too much. Ketu often causes blood loss by injuries, Abscess, boils. Piles, Cuts etc. People with active Ketu face any such problems. Flowing blood is usually Mars & dripping blood is Ketu. Sometimes planetary clues are so obvious in behaviour.

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