History Of Rajputana

History Of Rajputana



Yograj Singh father of Yuvraj Singh made some blasphemous comments on Hindu Community. Here are some of them: "Inki Aurate Take-Take ke Bhaw Bikti thi" "Humne inki aurato ko bachaya" "Ye Hindu Gaddar Hai, 1000 saal mughalo ki ghulami ki" "Don't trust Gujaratis like Modi & Shah--

they will lie even after swearing by their mothers" "In Hinduo ne Guruo ke saath Gaddari ki" That's how an average Khalisi thinks, why? Because of over compensation and appeasement by RWers. Now Fact Check: 1. Sawai Jai Singh & Ram Singh saved Guru Tegbahadur from Aurangzeb.

2. Sawai Jai Singh supported Tegbahadur to be the head of Sikhs, otherwise sikh groups themselves were against him. 3. Most ferocious fighter of Sikhs Banda Vairagi was a Hindu Rajput of Jammu.

4. Bangla Sahab Gurudwara was a gift of Sawai Jai Singh to Sikhs, they don't have 1 photo of Jai Singh there but have proudly put pictures of Bhindrawale. 5. Ramgarh, raipur rani, Chamba, Raikot are places where Sikhs got protection from Mughals, all were Hindu Rajput ruled.

6. Sikhs didn't know how to fight, Rajputs turned a religious movement into a warrior community, some of them are: Rajputs like Bajjar Rathore, Madan Singh Rathore, Rao Jaita Rao Sigara etc. 7. 18,500 acres of land was given to Sikhs at Nankana Saheb by Rao Bullar Bhatti.

8. The Singh and Kaur surname adorned by Sikhs were taken from Hindu Rajputs, Guru Gobind in order to inspire Sikhs to have warrior like qualities in them took Singh & Kaur surname from Kshatriya surnames. If theres so much hatred for Hindus, why don't you give up ur surnames?

9. Maharaja Ranjit Singh a sandhanwalia jatt, "claimed" to be descendants of Hindu Yaduvanshi Bhati Rajputs. 10. Patiala Royals along with a dozen other sikh royals "claim" To be descendants of Hindu Rajputs. 11. The first governor of Sikh Raj was a Rajput: Baj Singh.

So it is clear, that a community which became militarily significant post 1700s can't claim to be saviours of Hindus & Hindus to be Traitors. The contribution of Hindus specially Rajputs is much more than them in their history. But RW will still appease them and bash Rajputs.

There is much more in the video, just in case anyone is interested:

#ArrestYograjSingh Trending on Twitter after this trend, I request everyone to trend this. Let they also know that you can't get away after Abusing us.

Sahi baat hai, bas Jindan Kaur aur Sardar Lal Singh Gaddar nahi the, baaki poori duniya gaddar hai.

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