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𝙼𝚊𝚢𝚋𝚎 𝚃𝚑𝚒𝚜 𝚃𝚒𝚖𝚎 . . . Jeongcheol AU Ex-lovers Seungcheol and Jeonghan fly back to Korea for their friend’s wedding. But there’s a catch... “My parent’s still think you’re dating... can you just fake it until the wedding is over?”

Jeongcheol: - Dated since highschool - broke up 2 years ago -first time seeing each other since break up Jeonghan: - 28 - Lives in Japan - Works as an Art Director for a Magazine company Seungcheol: - 28 - Live in Jeju - CEO of Jeju Hotel

Minwon: - dated since college - got engaged last winter - planning to have a spring wedding Wonwoo: - 27 - College professor in History - Lives in Seoul Mingyu: -26 - professional photographer/freelancer - Lives in Seoul

“Hyung!” Jeonghan turned around to see two tall men walking towards him. The one that stood a few inches taller than the other, wore a huge smile on his face and waved enthusiastically as they got closer.

Jeonghan smiled, abandoning his spot near the conveyor belt to rush over to his friends he hadn’t seen for the last two years, “Mingyu! Wonwoo!”

“Hyung! It’s been so long!” Mingyu complained, as he embraced the older man in a huge hug who only laughed at his childish antics.

Jeonghan broke apart to hug the other, slimmer man in an equally warm embrace. All three smiled brightly as Jeonghan held up Wonwoo’s hand to admire the gold band that sat snuggly around a slim ring-finger.

“I can’t believe you guys are getting married,” he cooed, “It feels like yesterday Mingyu was complaining to me about how you were always playing hard to get.

But now look,” Jeonghan clasped his other hand over Wonwoo’s, “You are smitten.” He gave a playful wink, only to have dark eyes dodge his gaze as a light dust of pink crawled up the other’s cheeks.

“Hyung, don’t you have, like, baggage to claim or something?” Wonwoo changed the subject, pulling his hand out of the older man’s grasp to absentmindedly pull the hem of his sleeve over his fingers.

Jeonghan laughed watching as Mingyu placed a gentle hand on his fiancee’s waist, pulling him closer to his side to place a small kiss on his head, “I am so happy for you both. Seriously, you deserve all the happiness in the world.”

He gave a pinch to both of their cheeks, gaining him a complaint from both, before rushing back to the conveyor belt to grab his luggage.

Mingyu’s phone buzzed...

Wonwoo looked down at Mingyu’s phone, then back up, staring at him expectantly, “So, when are you planning to tell them?”

Mingyu chewed on the side of his bottom lip and looked over to where Jeonghan was waiting for his luggage, “Um . . . I dunno. Maybe we can go to lunch or something and talk about it.

Wonwoo rolled his eyes at the other and stepped in front of the taller man to look into his eyes, “Mingyu, you haven’t even told either of them that we were picking them up together, and Cheol-hyung is already here.”

Mingyu sighed, puffing out a breath with a pout, “Baby, I don’t know how to tell them,” he whined out, hoping to get some type of pity from the older.

He didn’t. Wonwoo instead grabbed Mingyu’s chin and tiptoed to place a quick peck on his lips, “You better tell him.” “Tell me what?”

They both turned to Jeonghan who stood there with his luggage with a questioning look. Before anyone could answer the older man, Mingyu’s eyes caught the sight of another familiar man approaching.

“Shit.” Mingyu rushed past Jeonghan as Wonwoo caught on and pulled the older man towards him before Jeonghan could look behind him.

“Hyung . . .” Wonwoo bit his bottom lip cursing his fiancee in his head for making him do this, “So, Mingyu didn’t tell you, but um, Seungcheol’s flight got in today as well.”

Jeonghan closed his eyes feeling a small headache come on, “Wonu-ya, please tell me Seungcheol isn’t behind me right now.”

Wonwoo nodded slowly, “Hyung, you knew he was coming to the wedding right?” Jeonghan sighed out, “Yes, of course I knew . . . but I didn’t think I would have to, I don’t know, interact with him.”

Wonwoo gave a sympathetic smile, “Mingyu was supposed to tell both of you when Cheol sent us his flight info but-” “Wait. Seungcheol doesn’t know either?”

Wonwoo shook his head as Jeonghan pinched the bridge of his nose, “I know. I’m marrying the town idiot,” he huffed out.

Jeonghan turned around and caught the eyes of the man he hadn’t seen for two years. Fuck. He quickly looked away hoping the other man didn’t see, even though he knew very well that he did.

Seungcheol’s eyes lingered on Jeonghan’s back before rubbing his face in frustration and turning back to the taller man in front of him, “Man, why didn’t you tell me? I could’ve booked another flight, had I known.”

Mingyu sighed looking at the older man, “You would go through canceling your flight just to avoid Jeonghan-hyung?” “Yup,” Seungcheol answered without a beat.

Mingyu rolled his eyes, “Hyung,” he said in exasperation, lifting a shaped brow at the older man. Seungcheol sighed lightheartedly, “He’s a lot to deal with, Gyu. And things didn’t end...too great.”

“So how were you planning to approach him when you did eventually see him?” The younger questioned. Seungcheol shrugged adjusting the cap on his head, “I wasn’t.”

Mingyu sighed patting the older man on the shoulder, “C’mon Hyung, you’re gonna have to face him either way, might as well start now.” The older man looked at the back of his ex-boyfriend. Sighing, he rubbed his face and nodded his head, “Yeah, okay.”

Wonwoo watched as Mingyu and Seungcheol made their way towards them, “I know Gyu should have told you, but, um . . .” He really didn’t know what to tell Jeonghan. Mingyu really should have told them about their flights, in fact, he should have told them everything.

Jeonghan saw the younger man’s eyes on something behind him and he could only assume that meant Mingyu and Seungcheol were walking over. He let out one last sigh before putting in his best smile and turning around.

Seungcheol scoffed. Of course Jeonghan would be professional about this, of course he would be able slap on his fake smile and go along with this whole situation after ending things and never speaking to each other for two whole years.

“Seungcheol, how have you been?” Jeonghan tilted his head offering a friendly smile, or, as friendly as he could give.

Seungcheol cocked an eyebrow at the other looking him up and down. He dyed his hair a reddish-brown instead of the blonde he was used to.

He still had a lean figure and wore loose tops with fitted pants. He was the same Jeonghan, but two years older. He mimicked the feigned smile of the younger, “I’ve been great, you?”

“Good.” “Awesome.” “Okay!” Mingyu clasped his hands together breaking the tension from the older two, “How are we feeling about lunch? Shall we grab a bite to eat before we head home?”

Seungcheol’s eyes lingered on Jeonghans before turning to the taller man, “Yeah, lunch sounds good.”

As they made their way out of the airport, Wonwoo saw he has a few missed messages from his best friend...

They got out to the parking lot with little to no conversation between the two oldest men. Mingyu chewed on his bottom lip, racking his head to find a way to break the news to his hyungs.

They had all their luggages loaded into the back trunk and were on the road in a few minutes. Wonwoo sat in the back with Jeonghan while Seungcheol sat in the front with Mingyu.

They figured it was best that way, and also, Jeonghan had practically forced Wonwoo into the back seat with him.

The ride there was pretty quiet with small conversations between Mingyu and Seungcheol, and Wonwoo and Jeonghan. Even after the 20 minute drive and finally getting into the cafe, the tension between the two was still high.

The hostess walked them to their booth, and before Jeonghan could sit by Wonwoo, Mingyu sat himself down by his fiancee. Leaving the two older men to sit by each other.

Seungcheol wouldn’t say he was a petty person, so if he purposefully made Jeonghan slide into the booth first just because he knew the younger hated sitting on the inside, he wouldn’t admit it.

Jeonghan rolled his eyes before giving a tight smile to the older who offered back the same sarcastic smile, as the younger man slid into the cushioned two seater.

The older man shook his head as he sat down, realizing Jeonghan was going to play this game until the end.

Wonwoo felt his phone buzz. He saw the text message notification, and rolled his eyes at his nosey friend.

After ordering their food, Mingyu felt Wonwoo nudge him to which he ignored, hoping to put off the dreaded conversation a little longer. Clearing his throat, he settled for small talk, “So, Hyung, how’s the hotel?”

“It’s been good, man.” Seungcheol smirked, feeling the younger man’s growing annoyance next to him as he shifted uncomfortably in his seat. He scooted closer, very well knowing it would piss Jeonghan off even more, “We’ve actually-”

“But more importantly, how's the wedding plans coming along?” Now, Jeonghan would say he is pretty petty, but only for good reason. And Seungcheol acting like a brat right now, was good cause for him to interrupt the other, knowing all too well how much it annoyed the older man.

Jeonghan looked over and Seungcheol with an innocent look, “Oh sorry, were you saying something?” He smiled apologetically, “You can continue if you-”

“No, no.” Seungcheol smiled, genuinely intrigued that he was getting under the younger’s skin, “You’re right, this is their big moment.”

Jeonghan smiled briefly and turned back to the younger two at the table, “So how has everything been?”

Mingyu let out a huge sigh, “It’s been so stressful, Hyung,” he complained, “We still have to pick out the cake flavor, the flowers, the linen! We haven’t done the favors or nameplates, we still have to pick out our wedding song and finish the wedding video-”

“Mingyu,” Seungcheol interrupted, “What DO you guys have?” Mingyu looked at Wonwoo then back at Seungcheol, “Our vendor and our date. We also sent out our invitations.” He smiled happily as if they have accomplished a lot.

Jeonghan gaped at the two, “You’re kidding right? You guys, your wedding is in three weeks.”

Wonwoo pursed his lips together while Mingyu hung his head. Jeonghan softened at the sight. Both men looked as if they had just gotten in trouble by their parents, “Okay, well, that’s why we came early right? We will help you guys get things in order and finish any loose ends.”

“I’m actually surprised your parents haven’t been on your ass,” Seungcheol let out lightheartedly, “Especially your mom, Gyu.”

With the comment, Mingyu’s whole body tensed. Jeonghan smiled, “How is your mom by the way?”

Wonwoo placed a gentle hand on his fiancee’s thigh and looked over to see Mingyu chewing his bottom lip. Sighing, he decided it was now or never, and Mingyu wasn’t talking anytime soon, “Um...actually, we have something to talk to you about.”

Seungcheol looked confused, while Jeonghan seemed to catch on that something was wrong with Mingyu.

Wonwoo could feel the younger man’s leg bouncing nervously next to him which he calmed down by rubbing circles with his index finger across his lover’s thigh.

Mingyu rested his hand on Wonwoo’s and took a deep breath before starting, “Okay, just...hear me out before you say anything.”

“Mingyu-” Seungcheol began but stopped when he felt a hand on his thigh. He looked over at Jeonghan before the younger realized what he just did and ripped his hand away.

“Just...let him speak.” Jeonghan could tell something was wrong. They both looked...nervous. “Um, okay. So you guys know how hard my mother can get right? Anyways, she was getting a little...concerned about the wedding.

Just thinking about how we might be rushing into it, and what others might think about the whole ‘gay marriage’ thing, and how she doesn’t want us to get hurt from other people’s comments.

The only thing that seemed to appease her was the fact that you two were dating and you were able to make it work against the backlash you got when you first came out in highschool.”

Seungcheol shook his head giving a breathy laugh, “Aunty was always a worrier. She just really cares about you two, plus, look at us, we broke up, so I’m sure she feels differently about me and Jeonghan.”

Jeonghan kept his gaze on the two younger men, “Mingyu, Aunty does know we broke up right?” Mingyu bit his bottom lip and shook his head slowly. Seungcheol frowned, “But...you’re gonna tell her.”

“Just hear me out…” The younger responded instead. “Mingyu.” Seungcheol drawled out, warningly.

“If I told her you two broke up, she would make everything a hundred times harder. I just can’t deal with that right now, Hyung.

I need her to be supportive about this, because I am stressing out about the whole wedding planning already, I don’t need her overthinking about everything.

You know how she feels, how both my parents feel about you two. If I told them you broke up, they would feel like it’s a sign that me and Wonwoo shouldn’t get married.”

Jeonghan let out a long sigh, “Why didn’t you tell them when we broke up two years ago?” Mingyu shook his head, “I don’t know. I guess I thought it wasn’t-”

Wonwoo pinched the other’s thigh before he finished his sentence. They didn’t need to know that all their friends back home thought their breakup wasn’t going to last that long.

Who could blame them though? Seungcheol and Jeonghan were the perfect couple, there was no way their relationship could just end like that. Yet, two years later, it seems they were proven wrong.

Seungcheol swiped his thumb across his eyebrow in frustration, “So...what, then?”

Mingyu smiled bashfully, “I was hoping, you could just...pretend to be…dating. Before you say anything, I promise I will tell them after the wedding. It’s just for these three weeks.”

There was a silence that fell over the table as the two younger men watched the two older men. Wonwoo looked between Jeonghan and Seungcheol then to Mingyu.

He gave a small sigh. He really didn’t want to get involved in this plan. But, like always, he found himself softening for the younger man he fell in love with

“We never told you, but, Gyu’s parents weren’t too...excited...about our relationship in the beginning. Not, that they were against it, but they were just concerned.

That’s why we asked you to come over for dinner that night before you guys moved to Japan. To show them how happy you two are.

I don’t know what you talked to Aunty about, Jeonghannie-hyung, but her whole perception of our relationship changed overnight.”

Jeonghan bit his bottom lip, remembering that night. Standing in the kitchen with Mingyu’s mom, the reassurance he gave her, the way he was so excited for his new chapter with Seungcheol… a simpler time.

Seungcheol exhaled, rubbing his face obviously ready to say something before Jeonghan interrupted yet again, “We need a moment to talk.”

Seungcheol looked over to Jeonghan nodding, “Yes, we need to talk to both of you about this-” “No Seungcheol,” Jeonghan directed at the older man next to him, “We need to talk about this.” Wonwoo, Mingyu, and Seungcheol all turned towards Jeonghan in shock.

“Should . . . should we give you time?” Mingyu spoke up, sounding a little too excited about the fact that Jeonghan is actually considering this, “We could go or-”

“No, we can go.” Jeonghan looked over expectantly at Seungcheol who was still staring at him in disbelief. Rolling his eyes at the other man’s face, he pushed Seungcheol out of the booth, “Let’s go.”

The engaged couple watched the two older men walk to the back of the cafe. Mingyu looked to Wonwoo, “I thought you said not to bring up that dinner. That it would make them feel bad about their relationship.”

Wonwoo sighed, pursing his lips, “It was a long shot. I just wanted Jeonghan to know how much his words changed your mother’s view on our relationship.” He took a sip of his water looking at the two across the room, “Didn’t think it would actually work.”

Across the room, Seungcheol shoved his hand in his pocket looking at the slightly shorter man in front of him, “What the hell is there to talk about?” Jeonghan sighed, “It’s their wedding, Seungcheol.” “And, so?”

The only response the older got was a raise of a perfectly shaped brow by the other. Seungcheol let out a humorless laugh and bit his bottom lip shaking his head, “Of course you would be willing to lie your way through all of this. You’re good at that, after all.”

The younger man’s fist clenched at the last part but Jeonghan’s face stayed neutral, “Yes, I am willing to do this because they are my friends, and I am able to put others before myself instead of being a selfish prick like some people.”

Seungcheol smiled, “Well, if we do this, make sure you don’t run away and give up like you always do when things get hard.”

Jeonghan finally snapped and rolled his eyes, “Screw you, Seungcheol. You’re such a fucking immature brat.” The older man laughed, “Oh! There he is! The mask finally comes down and out comes the real Yoon Jeonghan!”

“You know what Seungcheol, this is EXACTLY why we-” Jeonghan took a breath and looked away from the older man shaking his head, “This is their wedding,” he continued, “I don’t know how hard Aunty is making it on them, but if they are asking us this huge favor, you know it’s bad.”

Seungcheol puffed out a breath hating how the younger was always right. He wanted to rebuttal just to rebuttal for the hell of it, but he knew it would only piss the other other off more. “Alright, so what? You’re okay faking our relationship then? To what extent?”

Jeonghan bit his bottom lip thinking for a silent minute staring across the room at the two men laughing together and looking at each other as if they were each other’s world, “I don’t know.

All I know is that those two deserve a perfect wedding, and if I have to suck it up and pretend I don’t wanna slap your face every time you open your mouth, then so be it.”

Seungcheol smirked, “Wow, look at you being all selfless for once.” Jeonghan glared at the older biting the inside of his cheek to stop himself from spitting nasty words at the older man who stared him down teasingly.

Neither looked away until Seungcheol nodded his head in defeat, “Fine,” he caved and pointed to the younger man, “But you agreed to this, Yoon Jeonghan, just remember that.”

They made their way back to the table and were greeted with two nervous faces staring up at them.

Seungcheol wanted to laugh but that would have only made the younger two feel worse, so instead he pointed a finger at him, “You’re telling her that we broke up after the wedding, understand?”

Mingyu’s face lit up and he nodded, grabbing Seungcheol’s finger and pouting his lips, “I will. I promise. Hyung, thank you.”

Seungcheol scoffed at the six-foot-two man acting like a puppy, “Yah, Kim Mingyu, let go of my hand.” He pulled his hand out of the younger’s grasp letting out a breathy laugh.

“Okay,” Jeonghan continued, begrudgingly sliding back into the couch with a smirking Seungcheol following pursuit, “Tell us how much you haven’t done for the wedding yet.”

Wonwoo bit his bottom lip, knowing they were gonna be in this cafe for a while. When he saw Jeonghan shoving Seungcheol telling him to scoot over, he worried how these next weeks would play out, and if they could actually convince people they are still in love

After 2 hours of Wonwoo and Mingyu complaining how difficult a wedding is to plan, they finally finished up their late lunch and headed out to the car.

Wonwoo walked ahead of Mingyu and Seungcheol to catch up with Jeonghan who gave a slight smile in his direction, “Hyung.” “Hm?”

“If you don’t want to do this--” “Wonu, don’t worry about that, just focus on your wedding. I will deal with Seungcheol, okay?” He gave a reassuring smile and rubbed the younger’s shoulder.

Jeonghan felt his phone buzz looking to see his mother texted him.

“Damn. A lot has changed in two years.” Jeonghan looked up from his phone and glanced outside his window.

Seungcheol was right, a lot has changed. The street mall that was just being built before they left is already up and running. There are gas stations that were new, and more neighborhoods either already built or being built.

It was different, but yet, it was the same. There was still Uncle Yoon’s candy shop they always went to, the old worn down convenience store on the corner block, and the park with the huge cherry tree in the middle.

As they passed these familiar sights, Jeonghan couldn’t help but smile to himself. He missed his home, he grew up here after all.

He experienced all his firsts here. His first time riding a bike, his first time skipping school, his first time breaking a bone, his first time going to soccer championships, his first time falling in love . . .

“Hey, thanks for letting us stay with you, man.” Jeonghan was ripped from his thoughts by Seungcheol’s voice again. Mingyu waved it off, “Of course we wouldn’t make you rent a hotel room. Can you imagine the costs? Plus, my mom wouldn’t have it either way.”

They pulled into the garage of the Kim’s estate. It was exactly how Jeonghan and Seungcheol remembered it.

Mingyu grew up in a wealthy family, and it definitely showed in the architecture of their house. It was a very modern design with black accents to the concrete aesthetic to the building. Jeonghan walked out to the front to snap a picture of the familiar mansion.

“JEONGHANNIE! SEUNGCHEOLLIE!” Jeonghan and Seungcheol looked over to see Mingyu’s mother running out to them. A wide smile spread across both of their faces before Jeonghan grabbed Seungcheol’s hand and quickly intertwined their fingers causing the older man to stiffen.

“What are you doing?” Seungcheol’s eyes went big and he whipped his head at Jeonghan who just smiled and waved at Mingyu’s mother. “We’re dating, remember?” He quietly bit out between his plastard smile, keeping his gaze on the older woman walking towards them.

Seungcheol sighed and turned back to look at Mingyu’s mother with the same big grin he had on previously, “Aunty!”

Kim Hyojin, Mingyu’s mother, rushed into Seungcheol’s embrace, “Aigoo,” she took a step back, looking at the man in front of her then her eyes shifted to Jeonghan who gently smiled at her, “Look at the two of you. Come here,”

she pulled Jeonghan into a tight embrace as well giving him a quick kiss on the cheek before breaking the hug. She kept either hand on the shoulders of both Seungcheol and Jeonghan.

“It’s so good to see you, Aunty.” Jeonghan fondy rubbed her shoulders, as she came around to his side to link arms with him.

“Aigoo~ I feel like you got taller!” She exclaimed, craning her neck to look up at Jeonghan, “Don’t get too tall! Look at our Mingyu, he is so tall. He is always bumping his head on things!”

Jeonghan let out a small snort, “Are you sure that’s not because he’s a clutz?” Hyojin laughed as Jeonghan began walking towards the house with her arms linked with his, “Oh, what about your luggages?”

Jeonghan smiled, “Don’t worry,” he gazed back at Seungcheol, a small smirk grazing his lips, “Cheollie can handle it!”

Seungcheol scoffed, biting his bottom lip and nodding, “Of course. You head inside first, babe.” He walked past the two making sure to slap the younger man’s ass on the word ‘babe’.

Jeonghan quickly turned his head to glare at the other, only to receive a sarcastic smile and playful wink in return.

“Omo~ you two are still in love as ever.” Jeonghan felt a small nudge from Mingyu’s mother. He quickly turned back feigning a smile, “Speaking of, I can’t believe Mingyu and Wonu and getting married already!” He swiftly changed the subject, “Has it been that long?”

Aunty Kim took the bait and sighed happily, “Isn’t it crazy?” they made their way into the house as she continued reminiscing how it feels like yesterday Mingyu brought Wonwoo home to meet them.

Seungcheol just finished unloading three luggages-- two of which were Jeonghan’s-- before slamming the trunk door shut.

“Here, I can help you.” Mingyu clutched the handle of one of the luggages, and began walking towards the house before stopping in his tracks causing Seungcheol to almost slam into him, “Hyung.”

“Yah, Mingyu, you can’t just stop like tha-” “Maybe this won’t work.” Mingyu’s tone was serious.

Seungcheol sighed, turning the taller man to face him, “Kim Mingyu. You mom already thinks we are still dating, we can’t go inside and tell her we were faking that just now,” he reasoned. Mingyu only deflated himself,

pouting his lips like a child, causing Seungcheol to soften at the younger. “Look, if it will spare your parents the heartache of finding out we broke up, as well as aleve some stress your mother has put on you and Wonwoo, then we can suck it up for the next few weeks, yeah?”

Mingyu looked at the older man incredulously, “Hyung, I don’t want to put this on you two. Both of you have already done so much for me and Wonwoo in the past. I am just being really selfish and I can’t believe I didn’t tell them about both of you breaking up.

I mean, what was I thinking?” Mingyu continued to ramble on and for the first time in a long time, Seungcheol wished Jeonghan was here because the younger always knew what to say during times like this.

“Oi, Mingyu. Shut up for a second.” Seungcheol sighed trying to find the right words to make the other feel better, “Listen. I promised you, as the person who introduced you to Wonwoo and as your Hyung, that I would help you in any way possible, and that is what I intend to do.

So if that means pretending to be in a fake relationship, then so be it.” He clasped his shoulder assuringly, “You aren’t forcing me to do this. I agreed to it, remember?”

Mingyu nodded hesitantly, “Yeah, but-” “No ‘but’s. Stop worrying about this. You already have a million other things to worry about, okay?” He gave the younger man a playful shove that seemingly made Mingyu feel better from the small smile that appeared on his lips.

“Thank you, Hyung.” Mingyu sincerely acknowledged. Seungcheol smiled, “Anytime.” With that he motioned to the two large suitcases that belonged to Jeonghan, “C’mon, we have to get Jeonghan’s whole fucking closet inside.”

Mingyu let out a breathy laugh and nodded his head, “What the hell did he bring?” Seungcheol shook his head, “I dunno, the guy used to bring eight different outfits just for a short weekend getaway, so I can only imagine what he brought this time.”

He grabbed the handles of both suitcases with either hand and began rolling them towards the house with Mingyu in tow with Seungcheol’s luggage.

The minute Seungcheol entered the house, kicking off his shoes to slip into house slippers, Jeonghan came shuffling towards him, “Here they are!” He yelled back then turned towards the older man and continued with a hushed tone, “Don’t make a big deal, we are sharing a room.”

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“What?” Seungcheol gritted out quietly, “What do you mea-”

“Oh! There they are!” Before Seungcheol or Jeonghan could discuss it any further, Aunty Kim came running towards them excitedly. Mingyu was also stepping into the house as well, a bit confused about the crowd that was gathering in the entrance.

“You guys are gonna love your room! We just renovated that part of the house, so its all new flooring and beautiful floor to ceiling windows! Oh! And your room has a little balcony, I just know you’re going to love it!”

Hyojin clasped her hands together gleefully, when Mingyu pushed his way through Seungcheol and Jeonghan to quickly pull his mother to the side.

“Mom, I thought we agreed that they would stay in a separate room.” Mingyu whispered, the slight panic very apparent in his tone, “That it would be embarrassing for them to sleep in the same room.”

MIngyu’s mother just rolled her eyes and waved her son off, “Oh, they’ll be fine,” she then looked to Seungcheol and Jeonghan with a wide grin, “You guys don’t mind sharing a room right? After all, couples shouldn’t be sleeping in separate rooms.”

Jeonghan smiled, “Of course not!” He turned towards Seungcheol giving a warning look, “Right, babe?”

Seungcheol smiled, “Yeah, no, don’t worry about it,” taking advantage of Aunty Kim being there, he pulled Jeonghan into his arms, “Plus, it gives us an excuse to cuddle.” He placed a kiss on the younger man’s cheek, well aware of the fact that it would piss him off.

Jeonghan instead giggled and lightly jabbed the older man in the side, catching Seungcheol off guard, “Cheollie, stop,” he let out playfully.

Seungcheol glanced at Jeonghan only to be greeted with the deadliest look that was gone in a second. Had he blinked, he would have missed it, but he knew exactly what it meant.

And had Seungcheol been a smarter person, he would have heeded that look, but he was feeling a little daring today.

So with that, he let go of Jeonghan and slapped his ass for the second time today, “Alright, we will save it for our shared bedroom then.” He gave a playful wink to a very unamused Jeonghan.

“Aigoo! You two are so naughty!” Aunty Kim laughed out causing Mingyu to wince at his mother’s word choice. The two older men just let out a small laugh, hiding whatever they were feeling behind a masked smile.

“See?” She slapped her son’s chest then gestured towards the other two, “They are MORE than okay with it!”

Mingyu looked at his hyungs as an uneasy feeling settled in his stomach, “Alright then. C’mon, where is Wonu and dad?” He wanted to change the subject of the whole rooming situation entirely and also get out of the cramped entrance.

“Oh, I left Wonu to browse some of the wedding magazines I tabbed. Don’t worry about them. Come, let’s head inside.” Aunty Kim sent one last playful wink towards Jeonghan and Seungcheol before letting Mingyu push her back into the living room of their house.

Jeonghan shoved the older man when both Mingyu and his mother were out of sight whispering in a venomous tone, “You fucking touch my ass one more time, I will-”

“What?” Seungcheol asked, more amused by how intimidating the younger man was trying to be than anything, “What are you gonna do? Break up with me?” He lifted a cocky brow as if challenging Jeonghan to finish his sentence.

The younger man could only narrow his eyes at him, and when Seungcheol didn’t get an answer from Jeonghan, he flashed a smile and gave a small love pat on his butt before continuing forward with one of Jeonghan's suitcase.

He pointed at the other one, “You can handle that one right, princess?” Jeonghan only rolled his eyes, kicking the luggage the older was rolling behind him causing the heavy suitcase to nip Seungcheol’s heel.

“Ouch! The fuck-” Jeonghan placed a quick peck on Seungcheol’s cheek, “Oh! I’m sorry, baby! Your princess is so clumsy.”

He gave an exaggerated sympathetic look, before rolling his luggage past the older man towards the living room, leaving Seungcheol to watch the younger man sauteer away as he rubbed his aching ankle.

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Wonwoo shoved his phone into his pocket, and looked over to see Mingyu and his mother walking towards him.

“Hey, you.” Mingyu smiled, throwing his arm out to pull the smaller man into his side and placed a small kiss on his temple. He looked down at the STACKS of wedding magazines and the hundreds of colorful tabs his mother had marked them with, “Jesus, that woman.”

“Ey! Don’t call you mother ‘woman’.” Mingyu felt a slap to the back of his head and looked over to his mother who only flashed a fond smile at Wonwoo instead, “Were you able to look through a few of those?”

Wonwoo pressed his lips together, “Um, yeah. They are very . . . pretty.” Mingyu flipped through a few of the pages glancing at a few of the tabbed pages.

He let out an audible sigh as he saw the same overly extravagant vendors and decor that his mom had been trying to (not so) subtly push on the couple for the past few weeks,

“Mom, we told you,” He closed the magazine, feeling his annoyance build up as he pushed it away across the kitchen counter, “We don’t want anything huge like this. We just want it-”

“Simple. Yes, yes, I know, but if you would just look at some of the pictures I tabbed,” Hyojin grabbed another magazine off the stack flipping to a tabbed page to show her son, “They are just stunning.”

Mingyu pinched the bridge of his nose, “No, we don’t want stunning. We already-” “Well, I know Wonu likes them, right?” His mother directed her attention to the other man, brushing off whatever her son had to say in hopes to get support from the fiancée instead.

“Mom, come on, stop tryna push all this crap on us. We already picked out the vendor and-“ “Aigoo, is it still about the price of everything? Wonu, Mingyu, you know mom and dad with help pay for things! Look at this vendor here . . .”

Jeonghan looked up from his phone to see Mingyu pinching the bridge of his nose, while Wonwoo stood there fidgeting with his sleeves. Aunty Kim was flipping through a magazine when Seungcheol bumped into him.

“Wha-“ Seungcheol looked over to Jeonghan and followed his eye line to also watch the scene in front of them.

“Here, look at this vendor.” Hyojin smiled, completely unaware of her son’s building agitation, “Look at the beautiful chapel, and this reception hall is just stunning plus-“ “Mom! Stop already!” The taller man snapped.

“Mingyu…” Wonwoo walked over to his lover to place a gentle hand on his shoulder, calming the younger down before he and his mother got into another fight.

“Aunty!” Jeonghan called, jogging over with a wide grin as he pulled his luggage along. Seungcheol figured the other knew what he was doing, so he put on a small smile and followed Jeonghan’s lead.

Three pairs of eyes whipped over to see the brunette man bounding over. Mingyu sighed, walking past Wonwoo towards the fridge to pour himself a glass of water, while Wonwoo’s eyes lingered on his fiancée before turning around to face the two older men.

“A-ah! Jeonghan! The small irked frown on Mingyu’s mother shifted into a bright happy smile, realizing they still had guests.

Jeonghan gazed over at the wedding magazines in awe, “Wow, I still can’t believe the wedding is happening! It’s so exciting!” Hyojin looked back at the magazines smiling, “Yes! There still much to plan though, aigoo.”

Jeonghan ignored the tense atmosphere, and walked over plopping himself on the barstool as he grabbed a magazine off the stack, flipping through the pages, “Wah, these are so pretty! Aunty has such good taste!”

Seungcheol kept his gaze towards the younger two who were having a small conversation near the refrigerator while he made his way towards Jeonghan sitting at the counter.

He took one last glance at Mingyu and Wonwoo before looking over the brunette man’s shoulder to see different wedding inspiration photos.

“Ah, you really think so?” Hyojin’s tone was authentically excited as she peeked at the page Jeonghan was looking at.

“Of course!” Jeonghan nodded his head, before gasping, “That’s right! Cheollie!” Jeonghan looked over his shoulder at the raven haired man, “You have to let aunty show you our guest room! She designed it herself! It’s absolutely gorgeous!”

Seungcheol looked over at the older lady in amazement, “Really? I would love to see it!” Aunty Kim’s face lit up at the idea, “Omo! Yes! Seungcheol, I hope you like it! Come!” With that, she turned around and started to make her way towards the hallway.

“If it’s aunty who designed it, I have a feeling I’m gonna love it.” Seungcheol called out, looking at Jeonghan one last time before nodding his head in understanding.

The younger man pursed his lips and offered a small nod back, the unspoken communication still coming naturally for both men.

Jeonghan kept his eyes on the back of Seungcheol until both he and Aunty Kim were out of sight. He then shifted his eyes to the two in the corner and caught Wonwoo’s gaze.

He rested his head on the palm of his hand patiently keeping an expectant look at the younger men, “Well?” He called out.

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Mingyu sighed, turning to walk towards Jeonghan. He held Wonwoo’s hand in his as he made his way to the white marble counter, “I’m sorry you had to see that, hyung.” He apologized through pouty lips.

Jeonghan let out a breathy laugh, smiling fondly, “I’ve seen worse. High-school-Mingyu was quite a hothead.”

The younger man gives a small smile, remembering how much fights he would get into with his mother back in high-school. He would storm out to Jeonghan’s house next door, fling himself on his hyung’s bed and throw a tantrum.

Sighing, Mingyu let his shoulders slouch as he leaned his weight onto his hands that rested on the counter, “We have the same conversation at least three times a week. She wants this…

huge extravagant wedding, with like a stage and microphones, and like,” Mingyu waved his hand in the air, “spotlights and chandeliers and all this other shit. I just-”

“Hey,” Jeonghan’s voice was soft as he reached across the counter to grasp the younger man’s hand, “You’re her only son, Mingyu. You two...” He looks at Wonwoo and back to Mingyu, “...are her whole world. Yes, she can be pushy or hard-headed, but your mother-”

Jeonghan was cut by the voice of Aunty Kim calling for Wonwoo. They looked in the direction of the hallway, when Wonwoo kissed Mingyu’s head fondly, “She probably needs help showing him how to work the new TV. I’ll be right back.”

Mingyu nodded, stroking his lover’s lower back and placing a chaste kiss on his shoulder before Wonwoo excused himself.

Jeonghan smiled at the younger man, patting his arm as he walked past him. He looked back at Mingyu, “Your mother means well, Gyu. It’s her only son’s wedding, and-”

“I know, I know, Hyung.” The taller man sighs, slouching into the seat next to Jeonghan, “Wonwoo tells me this all the time and I really try to stay patient with her. It’s just…” He runs his hands through his hair in slight frustration before exhaling a breath of air,

“I don’t want her to be acting like this for the rest of our marriage. And I-- I know she means well, but she just doesn’t think sometimes, you know? Like--” Mingyu gestures towards the magazine, “Like all this crap. I know she wants to help, payment wise, and that’s great

But she doesn’t think about how Wonwoo’s family is gonna feel. Yes, our family comes from money and we can afford shit like...this, but Wonu’s family…the last thing I want is for them to feel pressured by my mother.

An--and you know Wonu, he isn’t gonna say anything. He says it’s okay, but I know better. I know he wants to please her because of how things...started, but I know she can be alot, so I just… it’s all just…”

Jeonghan nodded, keeping silent to let the younger man vent to him. He placed a reassuring hand on Mingyu’s shoulder blade as the younger looked over to meet his eyes,

“I love her to death, but if I have to choose between protecting Wonwoo or sparing her feelings, I--” Mingyu shook his head, shrugging his shoulders, “It’s always gonna be him.”

The older man smiled, rubbing the other’s back gently, “You’re a good son, Mingyu, and even a better boyfriend…” “But?” Mingyu anticipated, knowing the older man always had a small lecture to give.

Jeonghan let out a small laugh, “But… you need to trust Wonwoo. You don’t always have to be the one standing in front of him, protecting him. You guys are going to be married in a few short weeks, you need to learn to stand beside him instead.”

Jeonghan watched the younger who seemed to be listening to his words well, “He is a big boy, and he has been dating you for years now. He knows your mother, and most importantly, he knows you.

So trust in him, don’t put everything on yourself because all that’s gonna do is stress you out.” Mingyu bites his lip and nods his head, looking down at his fingernails he had been picking at, “Thank you, Hyung.”

Jeonghan smiled, “You’re gonna be okay.” He ruffled the younger man’s hair, “Your mother loves you very much. Yes, she can be pushy and hard-headed, but what mother isn’t?”

Mingyu laughs at that as the older continues, “But you need to look at her heart instead, because the most important thing in a mother’s heart will always be her child.”

Mingyu found himself pouting for the third time today, “I know…” He sighed heavily, “I hate your lectures… you’re always right.”

A smug smile grazed the older man’s lips, “Well, if I didn’t give you these lectures, you wouldn’t have had the balls to ask Wonu out, so instead we should be thanking Jeonghan, don’t you think?”

The younger man laughed, “Fine. Thank you Hyung, for all of your lectures.” Jeonghan ruffled Mingyu’s hair causing the younger to whine, “Aish! Hyung~”

“--I mean how long had it been, Seungcheol? Like, two years?” The low baritone voice of Mingyu’s father caught the attention of Jeonghan and Mingyu. Both men turned to see Mingyu’s parents as well and Seungcheol and Wonwoo walking toward the kitchen.

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“Yes, sir. It’s been a while,” Seungcheol nodded, a comfortable smile resting on his face. Jeonghan’s face lit up as he got up to greet Mingyu’s father, his arms outstretched to hug the older man, “Uncle!”

“Yoon Jeonghan! Look at you!” Uncle Kim accepted the hug with a big smile, “How have you been, you two are still in Japan, right?” “Yes.” “No.” Both answers came out simultaneously, and Mingyu and Wonwoo stiffened.

Jeonghan looked over to Seungcheol who glanced back at him, “It’s kinda both,” Jeonghan played off smoothly, “Cheol flies to Jeju a lot for work, and we were thinking about if moving there would be easier or not, so it’s kind both at the moment.”

Both parents nodded understandingly, as Uncle Kim continued asking Seungcheol about his business. Jeonghan glanced over to Mingyu and Wonwoo as both men relaxed and indulged in the conversation happening.

Jeonghan remembered Joshua had texted him, and used this short time to send a response.

Jeonghan leaned over to Wonwoo, “There’s a dinner tonight?” “Ah, that’s right,” Wonwoo nodded his head, “Sorry I didn’t tell you earlier. Shua-hyung reserved seats at Uncle Song’s restaurant.”

“Oh, okay.” Jeonghan smiled, as both he and Wonwoo noticed the conversation of the other’s had died down and the attention was now on them. “Is something wrong?” Mingyu’s mother questioned, her eyebrows raised in concern.

Wonwoo shook his head, smiling, “No, no. We just have that dinner to go to.” Aunty Kim gasped, “Oh that’s right! What time is that again?” “Dinner?” Seungcheol questioned, to which Jeonghan nodded his head, giving him a look to just go with it.

“The reservation is at 6:30, so we were thinking of maybe leaving around six-ish?” Wonwoo looks over to Mingyu who nodded his head, checking his watch for the time.

Uncle Kim looked over to the clock hanging on the wall, “Well, it’s about a quarter to, so why don’t we let you kids go get ready, yeah?”

“Oh, yes!” Mingyu’s mother rubbed Jeonghan’s shoulder, “Jeonghan, I have towels and washcloths laid out, and there are hangers if you need them--well, I’m sure Seungcheol can show you around.” Jeonghan smiled, “Okay, thank you aunty.”

Jeonghan followed Seungcheol up to their shared room. It was a spacious room with an adjoining bathroom, and the furniture was mid century modern with earthy tones. Jeonghan paced over to look out of their window to see the beautiful view of the city. “How’s the kid?”

Jeonghan could hear Seungcheol shuffling around with his luggage behind him, “Uh, Gyu’s okay,” he turned around, watching the older man slip his blazer off and placing it down on the only bed in the room.

That was a problem, but Jeonghan figured there was only one solution, “You’re sleeping on the floor.” Seungcheol looked at him incredulously, “You’re shitting me.” Jeonghan crossed his arms across his chest, “No Seungcheol, I’m not shitting you.”

He stated in a matter-of-fact tone, “I told you to stop touching my ass, you didn’t listen, you’re taking the floor,” With that Jeonghan walked towards his luggages to unpack a more comfortable outfit for tonight’s dinner.

Seungcheol gaped at the younger man across the room, “How the hell does me touching your ass have to do with sleeping on the floor?”

Jeonghan rolled his eyes and turned around, clutching his clothes in his arms, “You obviously can’t be mature about this whole situation, so what makes you think I’m gonna trust you to be mature about sharing a bed together?”

Seungcheol scoffed crossing his arms, “You’re a fucking trip, you know that?”

The brunette just smiled, letting it drop before walking past the older man towards the bathroom. He felt a hard slap to his rear and Jeonghan whipped around to see Seungcheol walking away towards the closet to hang his blazer, “Asshole.”

Seungcheol could hear the bathroom door slam as he let out a small playful smirk, finishing up hanging his blazer before unpacking his suit to hang as well.

A few minutes of fussing with his hair in the mirror, Jeonghan decided he was content with how he looked. He folded his other clothes neatly and walked out of the bathroom to see Seungcheol lounging on the bed, his phone clutched in hand playing some kind of game.

The younger man walked towards the closets, deciding he had a bit of time to unpack a few items. He looked down to see Seungcheol’s open luggage sprawled out on the floor and lightly kicked it, “Are you gonna unpack your crap?”

The man on the bed looked up from his phone to see Jeonghan looking at him expectantly then looked at his luggage on the ground, “Uh, no…”

Jeonghan rolled his eyes, deciding to just leave it be and concentrate on unpacking his clothes and hanging them in the closet neatly. “I dunno why you always gotta unpack all your shit when we’re just here for a few weeks.”

The younger man rolled his eyes, “Well, unlike you, who can live out of your luggage, wearing the one underwear and two shirts you packed, I like to live like a civilized person instead of a disgusting pig.”

There was a snort from Seungcheol who still kept his eyes on his phone screen, “Yeah you and your civilized ninety-six luggages packed with crap you aren’t even gonna use.”

Jeonghan stalked over to the other man and ripped his phone out of his hand, tossing it on the bed, “Get your stink-ass feet off my bed.” Seungcheol retaliated by rubbing his foot on the younger man’s arm, causing Jeonghan to slap his ankle, “Yah!”

The older man only smiled more and continued to dodge the other’s assaulting hands only to shove his feet into him again, getting Jeonghan more irritated by the minute, “Choi Seungcheol you’re a fuckin-” “Hyung?”

Both men’s attention went to their doorway to see Mingyu standing there, “Are you guys ready to go?”

“Yeah.” Jeonghan nodded his head, slapping Cheol’s foot away one last time only to be kicked in the butt causing him to slightly stumble forward. Cheol only offered a smug smile when he got a death glare from the younger man, getting off the bed to head out with the rest of them.

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The restaurant was a Korean BBQ hole-in-the-wall that had been opened for as long as Jeonghan had been alive. Uncle Song was the owner that had seen all these boys grow up before his eyes.

There were many times Jeonghan found himself sitting in the empty restaurant venting to Uncle about his relationship with Seungcheol.

The older man would always patiently listen and offer sound advice for the younger man, the night always ending with Jeonghan finally seeing reason and crawling back into bed with Seungcheol as soft apologies are exchanged.

They maneuvered their way to the back of the room where they could hear the most noise coming from. Jeonghan’s face lit up as he saw the whole gang gathered around a long table laughing and chatting. It brought back fond memories of their youthful college days.

“HEY! LOOK WHO IT IS!” Hoshi threw himself up from his seat, his hands outstretched in the air. Everyone’s attention turned towards the four new men walking in their direction, bright smiles shining in their direction.

Within a minute there was a whole crowd around them as every one exchanged greetings and hugs. “Hyung!” Seokmin threw his arms around Jeonghan, as the older man laughed into the warm embrace of the younger.

“How are you Seokie?” Jeonghan kept his hands around his shoulder as they both walked towards the table. “I’m good! I missed you so much!” Jeonghan laughed at that, “We text everyday, Seok. You just called me before I got on the plane.”

The younger man tilted his head back, letting out a loud, slightly buzzed induced, laugh, “You’re right! But it’s been so long since I saw you in person, it’s different.” “Alright then, I’ll acknowledge that.” He let out a small laugh patting Seokmin’s back.

He seated himself on one side of the table next to Jisoo and across Dino, who he greeted previously.

He saw Seungcheol had found a seat on the other side of the table next to Jihoon and Hansol who were talking animatedly to him, internally thanking the gods that he didn’t have to deal with him for the night.

“So,” Shua started, pouring Jeonghan a glass of beer and passing it to him, “How is he?” Jeonghan groaned, “Can we not talk about him for just a few hours?”

“You were the one who agreed to Mingyu’s ridiculous plan,” Jisoo laughed out, taking a sip of his beer and crossing one leg over the other, “Why did you do that by the way?”

Jeonghan’s attention went to Hoshi and Seungkwan loudly requesting the waiter for more orders of meat, then went back to his best friend, “I don’t know… those two really don’t need more added stress. And it’s just for a few weeks, it’ll be fine.”

He attempted to sound casual as he reached over to grab some kimchi with his chopsticks, shoving it in his mouth, but when he looked over at Shua, he saw the younger could see right through him.

“He’s starting to piss you off, huh?” A knowing smile crept onto his face, his doe shaped eyes turning to crescent moons. Jeonghan sighed, “Can we just drop it?” Jisoo let out a laugh nodding his head, “Alright, but you’re not gonna be able to hold it together for long.”

He took a sip of his beer, turning next to him to say something to Seokmin. Jeonghan let his eyes wander to the other side of the table, catching the eyes of Seungcheol who quickly looked away to focus on running his hands on the rim of his glass.

“So, a fake relationship, huh?” He heard his best friend’s monotonous voice. Seungcheol scoffed, his eyes still watching his hand tracing circles on the glass of beer, “Wow, you don’t mince words, do you?” “Have I ever?”

Seungcheol’s eyes met Jihoon’s judgmental gaze, he heaved out a sigh, “He...made good points. C’mon, you know how Gyu’s parents can be. Fuck, how all our parents can be. Plus the pressures of a wedding on top of that…”

Jihoon laughed, shoving a few bean sprouts into this mouth, “That sounds a lot like Jeonghan’s talking. Looks like you’re still easily influenced.”

“Yah.” Seungcheol lightly hit the younger man in the arm, “I can be empathetic too, asshole. Plus, we both agreed to it, it wasn’t only Jeonghan’s choice.”

“Oh yeah, and I bet you’re taking it like a champ, being real mature about it too,” Jihoon commented sarcastically, earning him another hit on his arm. “I’m being really mature, shit-head,” He took a hold of the beer can, gesturing with it in the direction of Jeonghan,

“Even gave him the bed and offered to sleep on the floor.” With that he took a huge gulp of his beer, satisfied with the carbonated liquid warming him up as he missed his best friend’s roll of the eyes.

The night went on with boisterous laughs and loud conversations. They caught up on each other’s lives that they missed out. Soonyoung and Jihoon announced that they were finally moving in together, and Seungkwan and Vernon showed off their puppy they had recently got.

They talked a lot about the upcoming wedding and the two finances; reminiscing on their high school and college days.

“Oh my god! Remember when,” Soonyoung took a huge chug of his beer mid-sentence, finishing off his glass as he smacked his lips and continued, “Remember that time when Cheol almost got beat up by some biker gang?” He let out with a loud cackle just thinking about the memory.

Jeonghan frowned, looking around as a few of their friends snickered, seeming to remember something that he was sure he never heard of. Seokmin slapped the table laughing pointing at Seungcheol, “Hyung, you were so drunk! You thought you could take them all!”

“YAH! It’s not like any of you were there to back me up!” The oldest man pointed an accusatory finger at the two causing louder laughs to come from the table.

“We weren’t gonna get into a fight over your stupid ass mistakes and drunk inflated ego,” Jihoon flatly explained with a small smirk placed on his lips.

Jeonghan listened to their slurred drunk words trying to gather exactly what happened that night, and why he never heard of this story or was even there.

“Right! Why were we so drunk back then?” Soonyoung questioned loudly to which his boyfriend answered that the reason didn’t matter, but he pressed the question trying to remember why they were out that night.

“THAT NIGHT!” Seokmin’s glossy eyes widened with a big grin, “Hyung got into a huge fight with Jeonghannie-hyung!” “That’s right! That’s right!” Jun agreed pointing at Seokmin, throwing his head back laughing.

“Ah~ Hyung! You were so sad!” Soonyoung pointed to Seungcheol, who awkwardly shifted in his seat, “You were so~ whipped for Jeonghan-hyung!” He laughed, high-fiving Jun who also let out a loud laugh only to be slapped by Minghao.

“Ow!” Jun looked at Minghao’s stern gaze and pouted, “Baobao~ what was that for?” The younger Chinese man shook his head and shoved a piece of meat in his boyfriend’s mouth, “Shut up. You’re too drunk.”

The table fell into an awkward silence as everyone finally caught on, and seemed to sober up slightly at the mention of Jeonghan and Seungcheol’s past relationship. Jeonghan sighed, taking a small sip of his beer.

Their friends had avoided the sensitive topic for most of the night, so of course as they got more drunk, it would slip. Jeonghan wasn’t surprised nor was he angry, he felt more guilty than anything for putting his friends into this uncomfortable situation.

“Who wants another round?” Seungcheol smiled, holding up the empty beer pitcher. Jeonghan’s eyes connected to his as silent words of gratitude were exchanged between the two before the older man left to seek out Uncle Song.

A few of the younger boys shifted in their seats until Soonyoung spoke up in a small pout, “I’m sorry, Hyung.”

Jeonghan smiled and let out a small laugh, “It’s okay, you guys. Seriously, I know it’s kind of--” He bit his bottom lip, racking his slightly intoxicated mind for the right words,

“--weird...since you’re always used to us being together, but don’t feel like you have to walk on eggshells around us just because we broke up, okay?”

He watched a few of them nod as if they were teenagers getting scolded from their parents, “Me and Cheol are fine. We are grown men and we can deal with each other like adults...well, for the most part.

So don’t feel guilty for reminiscing about the past, we missed you guys. We missed this. And plus, we are here to celebrate Wonwoo and Mingyu.” He smiled at the two that sat on the other side of the table and just like that the air seemed to get lighter between everyone.

“Ah, which reminds me.” Chan’s face lit up looking at Jeonghan, “Hyung, is it true you guys are really gonna pretend to be dating?” Seungkwan scoffed, hitting the back of Chan’s head, “Yah, read the room you idiot. Why would you ask that?”

“Why not?” Chan quipped back, holding the back of his head where the other had hit him, “You were the very one being loud and wondering about it before they came!” Seungkwan made a more to hit the other one more time, but it was successfully dodged by the younger man.

Jeonghan laughed, “Yes, we are.” He watched as Seungcheol brought back two pitchers full of beer, “We BOTH agreed it would be better for Gyu and Wonwoo, right Seungcheol?”

The older man looked over to Jeonghan and the rest of the table, finally registering what they were talking about, “Oh yeah,” he quipped, “And we are being super mature about it too.” He smiled widely at the other man rolling his eyes across the table.

“See?” Jeonghan assured the rest, “Everything will be fine.” He looked over to the couple that had been sitting there quietly, giving them a gentle smile.

Seungcheol had finished refilling everyone’s cups before he spoke out, “Alright let’s drink up!” He stood up, raising his glass in the air, “To Mingyu and Wonwoo.”

Loud cheers echoed throughout the small restaurant and the night went on until midnight as time passed by with stories and laughter shared by the young men.

*Hanni’s Phone*

Jeonghan sighed, wiping small drops of sweat from his forehead. He looked over to the man that sat on the floor of their shared room where Jeonghan had dumped him after supporting his fat, drunk ass up two flights of stairs.

“Hey, Seungcheol.” Jeonghan nudged the older man’s thigh with his foot. “Go shower.” The only answer he got was a low grumbled from the older man. Jeonghan rolled his eyes, continuously kicking Seungcheol lightly on his legs.

“Stop kicking me~” The older man whined out, kicking up his legs like a small child having a temper tantrum. “Then hurry up and take a shower.” Jeonghan stared at Seungcheol who stared back at him through glossy eyes.

“I will take one tomorrow. Goodnight.” The older man started shifting himself down to sleep right where he sat near the door when Jeonghan grabbed his arm pulling him up. “You are not sleeping in the same room as me smelling like a liquor store, get up.”

He let out a strained groan as he attempted to lift the other man’s full dead weight off the ground. Seungcheol mimicked him with a more whiny groan, but still lifted himself off the floor with the help of the younger.

“Leggo of me,” The older man stubbornly mumbled out, “I can walk all good on my own two feet.”

Jeonghan rolled his eyes and let go of Seungcheol causing the older man to sway in place. He watched in amusement as the older man attempted to take a small step but failed, almost falling over.

“Fuck. Well if you’re gonna move the room like this, then you can at least help me to the damn bathroom,” Seungcheol huffed out in annoyance. Jeonghan smiled, placing a hand on his hip. “You said you didn’t need help.”

“I said I didn’t wanna take a shower, but you insisted so—“ The older man halfheartedly motioned to the bathroom a few feet in front of them, taking in a deep breath, “So— here I go…”

The younger man watched Seungcheol attempt to stable himself in amusement, before catching his biceps, helping him towards the bathroom.

Seungcheol begrudgingly stepped into the shower lowering himself into the tub with a short grunt. Jeonghan sat at the edge of the tub huffing out a breath of air, exhausted from basically carrying the large man into the bathroom.

“Yah.” Jeonghan tapped the other man on the arm, seeing that Seungcheol was starting to fall asleep. “Hurry up, take your shirt off.”

The older man opened one eye to halfheartedly glare at the younger one and crossed his arms over his chest. “What a creep. You’re gonna watch me shower?”

Jeonghan scoffed, rolling his eyes. “I’ve seen you naked, Seungcheol.” Jeonghan stood up and placed his hand on his hips. “But if you insist on not taking your clothes off then…”

Jeonghan leaned over and flipped the shower head on causing the cold water to spray onto the fully dressed, intoxicated man.

Seungcheol let out a yelp, bringing a small smile to Jeonghan’s face. “YAH! YOON JEONGHAN!” He sat up abruptly and shielded his face from the water.

“I’m giving you fifteen minutes to shower. Then I’m coming in and taking mine whether you are done or not.” Jeonghan smiled and closed the curtains, leaving a soaking wet Seungcheol to sit in the shower.

Jeonghan plopped himself down onto the bed, checking an unread message Shua has sent:

Something dripping wet fell onto Jeongahan’s head causing him to jump up from his comfortable position on the bed, throwing the soaked shirt on to the ground. He stared down at the shirt as he heard a small snicker come from behind him.

Jeonghan whipped his head around to see Seungcheol standing in the doorway of the bathroom laughing. “You’re such a fuckin-“ “What?” Seungcheol’s eyes glistened with mirth as he challenged the younger man with a small smirk.

Jeonghan clicked his tongue and shook his head, “You know what, I’m not gonna play your stupid games.” Getting off the bed, he grabbed his sleepwear and walked over to the bathroom, kicking the wet shirt to the side.

As Jeonghan attempted to stomp past Seungcheol to enter the bathroom, both men got stuck in the doorway as Jeonghan’s shoulder got caught on the older man’s broader one, Seungcheol purposefully jamming him into the side of the door.

“Will you move?” “Move.” Seungcheol said at the same time as Jeonghan, his smirk never leaving his lips.

“Are you kidding me?” Jeonghan asked in exasperation, looking to his side at the slightly taller man. “Let me out first, then you can go in.” Seungcheol argued back.

Jeonghan scoffed at the older man, attempting to push forward. “You are the one standing in the way, so you can let ME in first.”

Seungcheol shook his head, completely unbothered with how much the younger man was struggling to get past him. “You know, you’re being a little unyielding right now,” he commented casually, as if he wasn’t pushing Jeonghan more into the door frame just to irritate the other.

“You’re such an asshole.” Jeonghan glared at the small smile the older man wore and shoved his shoulder forward, finally releasing himself with a small grunt and stepping into the bathroom.

He turned around and shoved Seungcheol out of the way, slamming the door on his face before the older man could say anything.

Jeonghan leaned against the door, heaving out a big sigh. This was going to be a long few weeks.

AH! Merry Christmas my lovies! I hope you enjoyed that update! I will be a bit MIA to finish this AU, but I will hopefully be back sooner than later! I am almost halfway done with writing this fic so hopefully it wont take too long!

Let me know what you though about this update! Love you all and thank you for your patience!

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