Mission UPSC: Kar De Dikhaenge

Mission UPSC: Kar De Dikhaenge



10 Moral values & Principles of Mahatma Gandhi This thread will give you 10 POWERFUL IDEAS to use in your Essay & Ethics paper & shine. Save the thread! 📚🧵 (1/11)

1. Ahimsa/Non-violence AHIMSA is not just non-violence - It is feeling of LOVE, FRATERNITY for others - It is to be practised among ANIMALS, BIRDS, ENVIRONMENT, not just humans - Scope INTER- PERSONAL to INTER-STATE relations (2/11)

2. SATYAGRAHA Satya + Agraha = Insistence on truth - Gandhi defined Satyagraha as the CONFLICT b/w GOOD & EVIL - For SATYAGTRAHI, Non-violence is an act of faith & not a matter of CHOICE - Satyagrahi is against the EVIL & not against EVIL DOER (3/11)

3. CRITIQUE OF MODERN CIVILISATION “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs but not every man’s greed.” - Called modern civilisation SATANIC - degrades man from human being to animal - It has harmed ENV - If we continue this way, need 9 more Earths (4/11)

4. Swaraj Gandhi explained it in many spheres: - Political: Democratic decentralisation & RAM RATYA - Economic: LIFE OF DIGNITY via LAND Reforms, REVIVAL of cottage industries - Social: Fighting evils of - COMMUNALISM & UNTOUCHABILITY - Cultural: RESPECT own culture (5/11)

5. Sarvodaya 'Work of Barber deserves equal respect as work of a lawyer.' It is Gandhi's constructive program - Aimed at giving LIFE OF DIGNITY to the poor. As per Sarvodaya - if we can't make people equal in terms of Income - make people EQUAL IN TERMS OF DIGNITY (6/11)

6. CONCEPT OF ENDS & MEANS 'Politics without Ethics & Religion is like a Death Trap' 'Illogical to expect rose flower by sowing seed of Babool' Gandhi believed that separation of Ends & Means is 1. cause of CORRUPTION 2. responsible for evils like IMPERIALISM & FASCISM (7/11

7. GANDHI ON RIGHTS ‘Rights are present on duties in Embryonic Sense’ Gandhi was inspired by PHILOSOPHY OF Nishkama karma in GITA - Perform your duty, and automatically get Rights (8/11)

8. GANDHI ON STATE Gandhi believes that state is ANTI-THETICAL to idea of freedom - Gandhi's Ram Rajya is STATELESS SOCIETY - State isn’t compatible with idea of Non-violence -> Even small state req instruments of coercion (Police, army) (9/11)

9. GANDHI ON EDUCATION 'Nayee Taleem' Gandhi advised - Learn from Book of life rather than life from book - Gandhi believed Education is LIFE LONG EXPERIENCE - Focus on VOCATIONAL EDUCATION - 'EARN while you LEARN' (10/11)

10. GANDHI ON WOMEN Acc to Gandhi - SITA & DRAUPADI should be the ideal for Indian women Why? Both are symbols of MORAL STRENGTH - Raavan couldn't touch them because of their moral str/character (11/11)

Gandhi can be described as a MAN OF ACTION. He never claimed to know the truth. Always inspired people to find the Truth. Come, let's become ASPIRANTS OF ACTION and crack the UPSC!

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