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⚡️ AIRDROP GUIDE 2022 ⚡️ I've gotten more than $150,000 USD in airdrops. This was no coincidence: $80,000 $dYdX $9,000 $ENS 400 $UNI $42,000 $PSP $6,000 $INDEX 7000 $COW 37,000 $BANK Here's a list of no-token protocols that might do a 2022 airdrop, and how to get them 🧵👇

First, a breakdown of a few protocols that I've called out in the past. They all had an airdrop. $COW: called it Oct 2021 / airdrop Jan 2022 $GURU: called it Oct 2021 / airdrop Feb 2022 $ENS: called it Oct 2021 / airdrop Nov 2021 $PSP: called it Oct 2021 / airdrop Nov 2021

1. $OPYN @opyn_ This will be one of the big ones. Opyn is an options protocol. The community (led by @wadepros) is extremely friendly and helpful. How: open a Long Squeeth position Note: DYOR on how Squeeth works, ask around in Discord if necessary!

2. $HOP @HopProtocol An ETH<>L2s bridge, including USDC, ETH, USDT. How: -bridge assets between mainnet / L2s -provide liquidity so that others can bridge, and earn interests Note: bridges are a separate subject, and it will be extensively covered in another thread. Stay tuned

3. $CHARM @CharmFinance Thanks to @gabagooldoteth's investigation on Divergence Ventures' sybill attacks, Charm & Cozy were uncovered as potential airdrops. Charm is a Uni liquidity manager, maximizing APY How: provide liquidity to @Uniswap via Charm in

4. $COZY @cozyfinance Cozy's product is excellent. They support protected investments, where the users can automatically get covered on their funds. UI is amazing. How: -invest in any of their strategies -provide insurance against DeFi risk for others

5. $EMNT @element_fi They already have governance with no token, but who knows. One of their products allows fixed rates investing: you can plan long term. Principal and Yield tokens can be splitted! How: invest in Tip: DYOR, they have multiple products

6. @SAVER @DeFiSaver Great tool to manage stablecoins debt. Usually expensive to transact, but with 25 gwei you might as well give it a go. How: mint DAI with ETH (via @MakerDAO) and get automatic protection against liquidations: Note: LQTY supported!

7. $FUJI @FujiFinance A DeFi borrowing aggregator, also available in Fantom How: supply FTM/ETH/BTC <> borrow stablecoins at

8. $ZKM from @aztecnetwork similar to Tornado, allows user to mask ETH. They do it leveraging Aztec’s private rollup. How: mask some ETH from one wallet, and receive it anonymously in another wallet

9. $ZAG @ZigZagExchange First DEX in zkSync. They offer low slippage trades for many pairs, including $YFI, $LINK, $LUNA, and all stables. How: bridge some funds to @zksync, and make a trade!

10. $UNAGI @unagiidotcom They provide stablecoins yield when you deposit in their vaults. Funds are reinvested in DeFi automatically to find the best rates How: deposit stablecoins / ETH / BTC in their vaults to earn yield

11. Time for the L2s $ZKS @zksync $STR @StarkWareLtd $OPT @optimismPBC $ARB @arbitrum How: bridge assets to the blockchains & use some protocols. In zK you have ZigZag, in Stark you have dYdX, and plenty on the other two. Note: these might be big, but a lot of users eligible.

12. Time for DeFi Dashboards $DBK @DeBankDeFi $ZAP @zapper_fi $ZER @zerion_io How: all of these offer swaps on their UI. Might pay off to make a few. Note: Zapper and Zerion also have their own NFT collections. And Debank has their mintable "Web3 ID" (not currently available).

13. Time for Wallets $PHAN @phantom $MASK @MetaMask $ARGT @argentHQ How: first two offer swaps, and Argent offers a DeFi wallet that requires you to interact with their smart contracts. Tip: Argent is integrated with zkSync. Do you see the play between Argent, ZigZag, and zK?

⚛️🧪 @cosmos ecosystem deserves a thread of its own, and it will come. There have been some big airdrops there, think $JUNO. And they seem like they'll keep coming this 2022. Stay tuned.

Bridges 🌉 These also deserve a thread of their own, although I've hinted @HopProtocol here. Also, have a look at @Orbiter_Finance. More to come soon.

As always, DYOR. A good place to start (and see if protocols are audited) is from @0xngmi. I shout them out any time I can, they ship like crazy. I tweet about airdrop strategies and yield farming opportunities. Follow me for alpha → @OlimpioCrypto /END

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