Renee DiResta

Renee DiResta



“Everything is opinions, man” is late-night college-dorm-room bong-ripper caliber thought. The question facing social media platforms is 1) how to curate and rank content and 2) what to do when something is clearly & demonstrably false *and also* harmful.

Not every bad opinion or person who is wrong on the internet, is some kind of crisis. But there are some areas that need moderation. Google has a framework called “your money or your life” that recognizes this. Got cancer? Maybe you don’t want to see some rando’s opinion.

So reducing “How should we curate?” Or “what should be ranked and how?” to “Hey man it’s just all opinions!” is certainly one opinion but hopefully not the one that drives Twitter policy going forward.

Other concerns beyond 1 & 2: 1) What should be surfaced when consensus is incomplete? (This was the devilish problem of Covid - sometimes we don’t know the answer yet…still doesn’t mean that it’s all “opinions”) 2) What kind of community do we want to create? (values)

Yes, people have divergent opinions. That’s great. But this is a platform where all of those people coexist. It has to rank and recommend and curate and moderate according to some set of rules (while also theoretically somehow turning a profit). What should they be?

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