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Plans WAR Part 1 Thread⤵️ What do you plan to do with your wealth? Live a good life? Escape? Flaunt? Hideaway so you can do what you always wanted to do? Maybe write? Maybe watch the sunrise in peace? /1⤵️

What do you plan to do with your knowledge? Drop a quote here and there at a social gathering? Put yourself upon a pedestal of intellectual arrogance? Write an essay? Maybe even a clever book about how to straighten out your life? /2⤵️

What do you plan to do with your body? Your fitness and strength? Respect yourself? Get the girl? Change your mindset? Get the personal aesthetic you want? Maybe reach a goal? Become an athlete? /3⤵️

What do you plan to do with your training? Win a match or tournament? Feel deadly in your head when you walk into a room? Feel safe? Know you can “take care of yourself”? /4⤵️

What do you plan to do with all of it? Finally, feel whole? Master something? Master yourself? Live your dream? Escape? Climb to the top? Be the guy that everyone comes to? /5⤵️

For what? Think about why you are doing all this. If it's any of the reasons I listed above or in close proximity ask yourself, “I am I a monkey?” “Am I that shallow?” /6⤵️

Not to say that the above reason are bad or even not some type of motivation. But the self-betterment train only gets you so far. Bettering yourself for yourself. Why are you bettering yourself? Look at the world. Look at the waste. The dung heap that is this earth. /7⤵️

Look at the doom that stretches its hand out across the globe. Can you see it? Can you see its endless shadow? If you close your eyes you can feel it watching,… YOU. /8⤵️

So why are we Working, Reading, Studying, Training, and Lifting? Why are we taking the world by storm? But more importantly why are YOU? Strength, Courage, Mastery, and Honor. Why do we care about these things? /9⤵️

Why did the best of the ancients hold up these pillars? Why do they still stand on the horizon of a dying world? Why do we run with reckless abandon towards these pillars? Sometimes dragging some along with us we are chained too voluntarily. /10⤵️

We are training for WAR. War for the Heart and Soul of this world. War for all men. A physical war and mental war. War for the mind of the West and East. War for Beauty, Strength, and Culture. And we must not fail. /11⤵️

This is not a call to action but a call to open your eyes and soul. To figure out why these pillars matter. Hold them up. Be the last defending them or be the ones that rebuild them gloriously. /12⤵️

So. Prepare for war. For you carry the Torch that will light the way. Men must come together and build great things. Not just building and feats of engineering. But brotherhoods and communities. We must save the world. Because no one else will. -Bane /13🔚

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