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First, I sold over 500,000 units with my ecom brand. Then, I built an 8-figure agency. Now, I’m buying smaller agencies and scaling to 9-figures. Every stage has required different skills and mindsets. These are the most important of them:

0 To 6 Figures You do everything. All the weight is on your shoulders. You don't know if what you are doing is going to be a side hustle or will turn into your next big thing. Still, you have to work every day like it’s gonna be a huge success.

This level is all about talking to your customers and optimizing your offer based on their feedback. It’s tough. You fail over and over again. The only thing that keeps you going is the momentum from small wins.  Lean into the momentum and don’t let it die out.

6 Figures To 7 Figures You’ve found your product-market fit (PMF). Your only focus is getting more sales and then fulfilling.  This stage is the most stressful one. Your team is relying on you to pay their bills, so you need to scale quickly and dependably.

You’re now 99% sure you’re going to work on this project for at least a few years. It’s no longer a side hustle. It’s time to commit.

7 Figures To 8 Figures At this point…  - You have PMF - You have acquisition channels - You’re scaling them Now it’s time to build a team that’s better than you. You need to go from player to coach. Team member to team builder.

Your business is no longer something you work *in* every day. Instead, you work *on* it, and in it as little as possible. This is when you learn how to build a system that works as if there were 10, 50, or 500 replicas of you running the company. This is when you transcend.

If you’re at the beginning of this journey, understand what’s coming next.  If you’re near the end, hit me with a message. I would love to learn what it takes to go from 8 - 9 figures. I’m not selling anything. Just want to chat:

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