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single dad sunarin | fluff | sfw #sunaosa #snos As the owner of Onigiri Miya, it's Osamu's job to notice the regulars that come into his shop. They're the people that keep his small business afloat and allow him to keep running his establishment. +

So it makes sense that he notices the same father and son duo whenever they walk into the shop anywhere between 2 and 8 PM. Their order is never the same, always keeping Osamu on his toes as he prepares it for them with the utmost care. +

It's because they're valued customers and definitely not because the father of the duo is easy on the eyes. He's got fluffy light brown hair that's parted down the middle and cunning eyes that're the prettiest shade of amber Osamu has ever seen. Even the way he's such a +

good dad to his son is too goddamn attractive for the shop owner. +

They haven't shared more than light conversation with each other, but that's alright when Osamu can barely focus as the father's deep voice fogs his mind with interest. How can this man have a right to be that fucking hot for just existing? +

Osamu doesn't think it'll go any farther than a slight crush, but he's pleasantly surprised when he finds a phone number written at the bottom of the duo's check one night after they came in for an early dinner. He keeps it close to him until the end of his shift, and he's +

closed up entirely for the night before he sends the first text. +

It turns out the guy's name is Suna Rintarou, and he's funny too. He's obsessed with music and always on social media longer than he should be, but he makes it work. His son's name is Haruka, with the kanji for big dipper because, guess what, he's also a space nerd. +

He's literally the perfect man, and for what? They keep Haruka separate from their budding relationship for the first couple of months because Rintarou wants to make sure Osamu is serious about them (which he very much is–he's been fucked since he first text). Then they start +

doing things as a group, and Osamu comes to adore Haruka as much, if not more, than he adores Rintarou. +

The first time Osamu slept over at the Suna residence, the father-son duo fought over the chef's attention the /entire/ time. During dinner, it was easy to cater to them both, but when it was time for bed, Haruka demanded Osamu sleep in his bed, and Rintarou was having +

none of that. The compromise was for Osamu to stay with Haruka until he fell asleep before joining Rintarou in his bedroom. +

It all felt so domestic, but Osamu wasn't complaining when it just felt so right. Like the stars were aligning for the second time in his life after getting his business up and running. +

Rintarou was the perfect man and Haruka was the perfect kid, and Osamu wouldn't change anything. Well, except maybe his living situation. +

After a year and a half of dating Rintarou, Haruka asks Osamu to move in with them with some portly frosted cupcakes, and his immediate answer is yes. He adds little sprinkles of himself around the Suna residence (Suna-Miya now), and everything feels so much more like home now. +

Osamu cooks, and he cleans, and he does chores, and he picks Haruka up from school. He comes home after long days at Onigiri Miya to his little family, and he feels content. He has everything he wants and more, and he doesn't need anything else. +

Well, maybe he does need something else. He's still waiting for a very special ring to enclose a very special finger of his. But he can wait. //end

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