#miyacestober2022 day 7 • historical // the twins are at an art museum for a school excursion. unlike their normal classes, they can stick to each other here as they navigate the hallways and take notes in their book. +

osamu is about ready to move on when he sees that atsumu has been transfixed by a particular piece of work. he goes to stand next to him, knocking their shoulders together to announce his presence, and gazes up at the art as well. it's of two warriors, facing each other +

on the battlefield, swords drawn. osamu looks at the museum label, and realises what it is that has atsumu so captivated. they're twins. osamu glances at his own twin, still looking up at the painting. +

a moment later, atsumu muses, "i wonder if they were ever in love with each other too." osamu looks at the expressions of the men in the painting, trying to see if he can find something deeper in them. something that would support atsumu's question. +

"what, like our historical incestuous counterparts?" osamu says instead, because he's never been good at understanding the meaning behind paintings. he's been copying atsumu's work this whole trip without his knowledge, and—since atsumu's notes will inevitably be shit too— +

plans to ask to borrow another classmate's work as well. atsumu shrugs. "why not? if we get reincarnated every life, this could well be us." "hm." osamu didn't know atsumu believed in reincarnation. it's not a bad idea, he thinks. lifetimes spent with atsumu... +

"then, in our next lifetime i wanna be in a band." atsumu scoffs, finally turning to face osamu. "you couldn't play an instrument to save yer life." "fuck off," osamu retorts. "like /you/ could do any better." "i can't. that's why /i/ want to be a prince in my next life." +

"have ya waitin' on me all day." "wouldn't /i/ be a prince too, doofus?" "but i'm older. so i'll be heir. so you'd haveta listen to me." osamu blows raspberries at him. "no thanks." they end up in a bit of a tussle, quickly thwarted by one of their teachers, +

afraid for all the precious artwork around them. "this is exactly why we keep the two of you separated," she comments as she leads them to the rest of the group. behind her back, the twins look at each other and laugh.

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