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Storytelling is the foundation of good marketing. But 99% of marketers don’t know how to tell a good story. I’ve used this one format to generate over $10M for my clients. They pay my agency thousands of dollars per month. You can have it for free: 🧵

1. The Main Character Wants Something The main character is usually your reader or someone like your reader. They want the same thing your audience wants. That can be getting healthier, increasing profits, or any positive transformation.

2. For Some Painful Reason, They Don’t Have It If your audience already has what they want most, you can’t sell them anything. Pain is the foundation of desire to change. Identify your audience’s pain, then agitate it.

3. They Try Everything This is one people often overlook. There’s a good chance your audience has tried solutions like yours before. Make them feel seen by detailing the process of trying everything, but nothing working. This will set you up for differentiating your solution.

4. They Discover A New Strategy This is where you start selling whatever you sell. That new strategy is your offer. For example, the main character might discover your service, which is different and better than the ones they tried before.

5. They Get The Thing They Wanted This is where pain turns into triumph. At the start, you most appealed to fear. Now, you appeal to hope. The main character gets what they struggled for (usually with the help of whatever you sell).

6. They Become The Person They Want To Be Becoming the type of person who wins is perhaps more important than actually winning. For example, getting muscular and looking good feels great. But there’s also the emotional aspect of knowing that you did it.

Final Note: I just explained this from the perspective of a marketer using stories to sell. You can also use this format to entertain, though. Make it purely a story of triumph rather than one that relates to an offer. It’ll still attract and keep attention.

Let’s review: 1. Main character wants something 2. For some painful reason, they can’t have it 3. They try everything, but nothing works 4. They discover a new way to get it 5. They get the thing they want 6. They become the person they want to be Use this next time you write.

That’s everything. If you want to learn more about writing and building content businesses, give me a follow @TimStodz. And if you want to read my most valuable content, click below and sign up for my weekly newsletter:

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