Most people suck at youtube. But if you avoid these 12 common mistakes, I guarantee you won’t: πŸ‘‡

❌ Having Really Long Intros In general, you want to keep intros short As viewers want to get into the action as quickly as possible. Try using this format: - Reaffirm the Title - Add Twist - Go into the Action But for that to work you need a good topic.

❌ Not Finding High Quality Topics A good topic is the difference between 10,000 and 1,000,000 views So spend hours researching topics And look for videos that: - Do well with small creators - highjack trends - haven't been done by big channels Example: πŸ‘‡

❌ Having Extremely Busy Thumbnails A good thumbnail is easy to understand So don't complicate it with too many elements & text. Follow these rules: - have 3 elements - 3 word maximum - easy to understand extra tip: show emotion in the thumbnail

❌ Not Using End Screens Properly Push your audience towards one thing It's like the 20 flavors of ice cream dilemma: if there's too many choices it's super hard to choose And on Youtube, they just leave the video. FIX: - one end screen - and push your audience towards it

❌ Having Too Many Call-to-Actions A lot of youtubers do this without realizing.. They constantly push their viewers to: - different videos - social media (IG, twitter, etc) - like, subscribe & comment Which can result in 3% drops in retention each time

❌ Sign-Posting In Your Intros Contrary to popular belief: Sign posting in a video really hurts retention Ex: "In this video we're going to do "this" then "this" and finally "that." Instead just explain as you go

❌ Copying Thumbnails Randomly A good example of this is @JackGordanYT He uploaded a great video but.. He copied a thumbnail without understanding why it worked.. Resulting in a underperforming video.

❌ Cartoon Effects on Thumbnails MrBeast thumbnails are getting weird.. He's face is starting to look like a "cartoon character" And most youtubers have been copying without knowing why.. Here's a visual to explain: πŸ‘‡

❌ Not Including Scaling Progression This one's pretty simple: You want to constantly be upping the stakes. Ex: Starting with something crazy and let it slowly gets crazier & crazier Until the craziest thing/moment at the end.

❌ Not Building Channel Momentum Momentum is HUGE on youtube It's why big youtubers always get 1 million+ views on any video You build momentum by: - uploading bangers - scrapping 10/10 videos Momentum is so complicated I could write an essay about it πŸ˜‚

❌ Using Shorts To Kickstart Your Channel Shorts = no value (right now) - gives no $$$ - doesn't give long form video views - builds unloyal audience The best route is to focus on long form & occasionally post shorts Example: πŸ‘‡

❌ Trusting random YouTube gurus.. πŸ‘€ You read it πŸ‘† Take everything people say with a grain of salt Even me lol I've lost a lot of braincells listening to gurus who don't understand how youtube works.

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