I can teach you more in 2 minutes than you'll learn in 4 years. Here are 11 steps to start your own business:

Find Your Calling Don't waste time building a business you hate. Focus on your purpose by completing your Ikigai. Ikigai = your reason for being The thing that gets you up in the morning. Steal the one below and fill it out:

Mentors Are Everything You are the product of the 5 people you are surrounded by. Reach out to people you respect (steal this template):

Business is About Systems For Marketing Systems learn to write with @dickiebush For Community Systems learn from @gregisenberg For Finance Systems learn Excel from @blakeaburge For Copywriting Systems go with @thejustinwelsh For Software Systems get started with @jspeiser

Publish Content Daily Choose 2 platforms. I recommend LinkedIn and Twitter. Start writing around your calling and people will come. Consistency is key.

Drive People to Your Email List I use @beehiiv for email. Put a link in your Twitter bio and LinkedIn Featured Section.

Survey Your Community Ask people what they want to see from you. Find something in your calling and mix it with a monetization strategy: • Paid Newsletter • Membership • Consulting • Course • SaaS You got this.

Buy a Domain Use GoDaddy. • Bring your business online • Save with the lowest fees • Sell anything, anywhere

Use No-Code Tools To Build an MVP @webflow to build a website @shopify for ecommerce @stripe for payments

Get Your Banking Set Up Use Mercury or Wise.

Be Scrappy People love hustlers. Entrepreneurs love to pay it forward. Get outside the building. Talk to people.

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