warm moonlight

warm moonlight



CW: forcefem, drug, hypno Turning to face you before opening the double doors at the end of the corridor, your mentor orates. “Since you are a witch’s apprentice in proper now, we’ll need to get you a proper outfit. Something cute.” You shiver, looking up to her.

You struggle form words. It's as if your mind is too slippery to hold. “O- okay…” The doors fly open, casting bright light into your unadjusted eyes. Patterns tread through your vision like water. You’ve just come from your weekly breakfast of dried roots and mushroom stalks.

It is weekly, right? A thick haze obstructs your mind. How many of those has she given you now? How many weeks have you been here? It feels like a lot. For now, your thoughts stand out against the haze. "Why is it so hard to remember…" Oh well. It’s probably not important.

As you enter the room, you’re greeted with aisles of blinding colors. There are several rows of rods above you across the room, each lined with garments on hangers, leaving room for space to walk down the middle. Ahead, the room appears to extend far deeper than you expected.

You peek past your mentor, eyes landing on a pair of strangers in front of you, one nearly hiding behind the other. Your heart races. "Who are they? How did they get… in…?" "Oh…" It’s a wall-sized mirror. That’s you and your mentor. You stop in disbelief at yourself.

What is happening to me… ? Your attention is seized as she turns around and pierces through you with her colorless eyes. You feel naked as she examines your body, her eyes resting on whichever parts of you she deems relevant. “We’ll try some dresses first.”

She walks off, retrieving something in mind. Your chest tightens, cheeks growing red. “Um…” A moment passes. You’re left standing there, facing yourself in front of the mirror. You strain to focus your eyes. Details move out of the way as you fixate on them. Your edges squirm.

"Huh..." You look closer as reality bends, fine details blending like paints. Sharing a brief moment of acceptance with your distorted reflection, your thoughts begin to dissolve alongside it. "Can’t hide it anymore. This is too much." You grin vacantly as the room melts.

With layers of cloth in her arms, your mentor returns from behind you. She feels like a tower, but through the mirror, you can see that she’s only a bit taller than you. You seem to have her attention now. Your tongue catches in your throat. "... I don't want to wear a dress."

Her brow furrows as she raises a hand to rest on her hip. Her eyes narrow as she peers at you. "Why not?" You look down with clenched fists. What kind of question is that? She knows full well why you don't want to wear it. “I’m… I'm not a girl! I don't want to wear a dress!"

She replies quickly. "Yes, you are. You'll agree with me soon enough. In fact, you may not remember denying it in a few days. We'll see what you think then. You're still in the initial stages of the effects." ... What? Did you hear her right? You won’t remember denying it?

“No! I… there’s no way I’ll just forget that! I… um…” Your mind races, searching for a way to deny her words, but to no end. You’re forgetting the start of your thoughts by the time you’ve reached the end of them. All you can do is fret, eyes returning to the ground.

You can barely make your feet out from the floorboards below. Their ridges pulse and shimmer. You can’t help but watch. Cracks begin to split down the boards, only to be repaired as they spread. You’ve never seen such a spectacle. Wait. Weren't you in the middle of something?

You have the feeling that you were trying to argue against something she said. What was it? It feels like it must have been something important. Right? Your wide eyes again lose focus as you try to process your thoughts. Think. You can't just forget. What are you forgetting?

“Arms up. You need a change of clothes anyway.” Well, if it really was important, then you would remember it, right? That's how these things work. It’s probably fine. Cool air touches your stomach. The exposure adds to your overwhelmed senses, dimming your thoughts further.

The sound of metal against metal rings in your ears, followed by a tugging sensation at your waist. Your body tenses, arms curling up in front of you. "Cold. Wanna be warm..." Shivers run through your chest. “Here,” she asserts as she extends her hand. "Long socks and panties."

You gawk at her gift. They’re matching with white and lavender stripes. Such lovely colors. She's watching with intention. Her eyes catch yours, with your heart skipping a beat as she peers into you. You catch a glint of color in her eyes, almost too brief to notice. "Well?"

They do look cute... A voice in your head stirs, fighting something. "What?" They’ll look cute on you, too. The voice grows more desperate. "No, I…" She continues to stare, your eyes locked. "Maybe I… should…" Without telling it to, your body moves to accept them.

You slowly bend over, taking care to not lose your balance, as disoriented as you are. Lifting one leg at a time, you slide the panties up your legs and past your thighs. They cradle your butt, but the front is tight. You reach beneath the little bow on the front to adjust, and-

"Oh, fuck. Why…" With a crimson face you hastily hide your apparent excitement between your legs and pull the panties up higher. "She’s still watching…" You bend over again to slip a sock over your foot, nearly falling, not paying nearly enough attention to stay balanced.

She’s giggling. With trembling hands, you pull the socks up to your thighs, one by one. With your lower body somewhat covered, you stand again, looking down at yourself. You stare without thought, not able to process what you’re seeing. Your diaphragm quivers as you pant.

Your mentor clears her throat, and your heart jumps. Looking up, you see that she’s been ready to move on, watching you with an amused grin. “You… seem like you need to have a nap. Let’s finish this another time. I didn’t expect that dosage to affect you so strongly…”

She trails off and her eyes wander, pondering something. “Here. Just pick from these, then I’ll put you to sleep.” She gestures to a rack lined with what appears to be nightgowns. You look to her, pleading with your eyes for some alternative. Wait. What? She'll put you to sleep?

Your mind begins to race, but she interrupts: “Be grateful. This tower gets cold. I could leave you with nothing instead.” Still stuck on her earlier words, you can hardly understand her, let alone protest coherently. Without options, you simply nod and choose.

The edges and hems of the garments blend together with the fabric; the only thing you can see clearly about them is their colors, which pulse and breathe like fire. You squint as you search through them. Eventually, you find refuge: a lavender gown, more muted than the rest.

You reach out to touch it, feeling its silken texture between your fingers. It's like electricity. “You like that one?” You turn to her, gripping it. You nod, now more vigorously. She steps forward and takes it off the rack, placing the hanger where it was. “Arms up.”

Whatever resistance you had has left vanishes, your interest now on feeling the gown on your skin. She holds it above you, then draws it over your head. The cool fabric sliding against your overstimulated skin sets your nerves alight, and you cry out as it covers you.

You feel thoughts slide off your mind like water against oil as she helps your arms through, shuddering as the silk rests on your shoulders. Giving you no rest, she starts again. “Come with me.” You feel her commands starting to touch you before you can react.

Your eyes are drawn to a figure standing opposite to you. Your eyes focus slowly, and eventually you start being able to make out some details. You’re looking at a girl. She’s wearing… a nightgown. It’s lavender. Her socks are striped. White and lavender. Such lovely colors.

“She’s… pretty.” She lets out a giggle. “That’s you.” … Huh? Your smile deflates as you turn back to the girl. She looks concerned now. “That’s not… me,” she says, pointing at you. Puzzled, you turn back to your mentor. She's giggling more now, a hand over her mouth.

“Sweetie. You’re precious. That’s you. It’s a mirror.” You continue to look up at her, confused. You cock your head, not understanding what she’s saying. Her words begin to echo, overlapping with each other and amplifying until your mind is flooded with unintelligible noise.

At your limit, you close your eyes and raise your hands to cover your ears in a weak attempt at defense. The room vibrates. Your thoughts continue to get cut short, with each new attempt at independent thought occurring further and further apart, gaps filled by static.

A weight rests on top of your head. “Look at me.” You look up and see her hand extending forward to touch you. Her eyes cut through yours. Bits of color swirl in her irises, leaving streaks in your vision as they travel. You follow the color with your eyes.

The noise in your mind swirls in unison with her eyes, setting everything off its axis. She slides her hand down your cheek and holds your chin between her thumb and forefinger. She says something else to you, but you can’t understand it with your muffled senses.

Her grip tightens and a sharp pain fills your mind as her filed nails press into your skin. You cry out. Warmth begins to radiate from her touch. As it spreads through your jaw into your skull, you feel the static in your mind calming, the torrent of grey noise slowly dimming.

It leaves behind a fine lavender mist as it fades. That’s just like her. Your nerves sigh in relief. Her usually sharp and cold gaze now feels soft and comforting, and your eyes more readily focus on hers. Her irises glimmer, more color than not now. Lavender. Beautiful.

Waves lap at the edges of your weakened self, bringing rhythm to your chaotic mind. The pulsing warmth soothes your anxiety, spreading through the rest of your body eagerly. With each pulse, the edges of your vision dim further. A dumb smile spreads across your face.

“Good girl. Now go to sleep.” Her orders touch you before you can process them. The tide rises, pushing the edges of your mind further and further back until everything is dark. With your mind and body at their limits, you break, eyes rolling back in your head. Sleep takes you.

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